Road cyclists brave chill, head winds

It was a cold 13 degrees and chilly head winds for the Club Championship Time Trial (TTs), which was held on the Stoney Point Road on Saturday, June 1, turning some smiley faces to grimaces. The TTs is an individual race with staggered starting sequence, one minute between riders in B and C grades and two minutes in A grade over specified distances. Getting in a low tucked aerodynamic position with aero handlebars, disc wheels, aero helmet all contribute to reducing the aerodynamic drag. Starting later in line up gives the cyclist the advantage of knowing what time they need to beat. Competitors are not permitted to draft behind each other. The rider with the fastest time is declared the winner of their grade.

It is the first event of three point scoring races which contribute towards the Road Racing Championship trophy for each grade at the end of the season. See results below

A grade Dylan Kaulins (Port Augusta) is riding strong with good endurance and fitness. He has highest points to date setting him up to strive for Club Champion. He said after the race he felt strong, it was cold and head wind to beat into at start was hard. In second place on points is Tony Kingdon (Port Lincoln), Wes Fisher still in contact third in points. Troy Brougham didn't meet the criteria to qualify so no points awarded but he did a good racing time.

B grade has the young one Adrian Wilson, 76 years, wearing all the aero gear out in front, well done against riders well under half his age. Emma Mardon is the only women road racer and is in fine form and looking to improve her points in this grade.

Everyone's favourite 'Fritz' Fargher did an excellent time trial. His is also the rider's rep and said 'it was all good racing' and was well supported by officials with Paul Jacobs organiser, sign on Glenda Hodgkinson and turning marshals, Allan Wisbey, Darryl Worby, Derek Siwek and Andrew Hodgkinson.

Congratulations to D Kaulins on his result of seventh position in last week's State Road Championship U19 a satisfying result. Daniel Siwek gained third place at this event a fantastic effort in U23 Men. Well done also to Cooper Jacobs and Jack Wisbey who had good competitive times in their age groups.

Next is June 15 from the club - Lincoln Hwy to Baron turn off and return finish on Hummock Hill, 55kms.

WCC 2019 Club Time Trial Champs

Place Name Distance Correct time Speed


1st Graeme Fargher 20 41:01.0 29.26

2nd Paul Waring 20 47:19.0 25.36


1st Adrian Wilson 20 34:12.0 35.09

2nd Danny Ronan 20 35:36.0 33.71

3rd Tom Rabig 20 35:40.0 33.64

4th Emma Mardon 20 36:00.0 33.33


1st Dylan Kaulins 30 46:06.0 39.05

2nd Tony Kingdon 30 46:08.0 39.02

3rd Wes Fisher 30 48:55.0 36.8

Troy Brougham 30 48:09.0 37.38


1st Jack Wisbey 10 18:04.0 33.2


1st Cooper Jacobs 15 24:13.0 37.2