Honouring our volunteers | PHOTOS

The dedicated volunteers that contribute to the Whyalla Hospital every week received certificates of appreciation at a morning tea held at Oronga Day Centre on Friday.

To mark National Volunteers Week, the event was organised by the Whyalla Hospital and saw groups like Heartbeat, the Whyalla Pink Spirits Support Group, and the Whyalla Hospital Auxillary attend.

Each volunteer organisation brings something different to the hospital:

  • Whyalla Hospital Auxiliary: Run the Hospital Kiosk, provide patients with social interaction and fundraise
  • Heartbeat: Raise funding to purchase new equipment for the cardiac unit
  • Oronga Day Centre volunteers: Run activities with clients in the community and provide social support to members
  • Cancer Resource Centre: Provide a space for those going through cancer treatment and allow cancer patients to access information on the disease
  • Hair to Help Wig Library (supported by Whyalla Pink Spirits): Have over 150 wigs available for patients undergoing chemotherapy and dealing with hair loss

Volunteer Coordinator Meetra Gautam said the morning tea was a small gesture to say thanks for what the volunteers do in the community.

"Volunteers are always working hard at the hospital, we might not always feel their presence but you definitely miss them when they aren't around," she said.

"Their presence makes a huge difference in achieving positive outcomes for the hospital. There are people here that have been volunteering for over 30 years."

Ms Gautam said most volunteers saw their work as giving something back to the community.

"In doing so they feel like their time is spent doing something worthwhile and they get satisfaction out of that," she said.

"They make a lot of friends too so it's a bit of social interaction. When they see the difference they make it's always fulfilling for them."

Anne Armstrong has been volunteering for the Whyalla Hospital Auxiliary for the past 20 years, running the Hospital Kiosk among other duties.

"The Auxiliary does a lot of fundraising with our knitted items that we sell," she said.

"It does feel nice to be acknowledged, we don't do it just for that but it's nice to get together with people who appreciate what we do.

"I think we all enjoy what we do but it's great that someone else enjoys it too."

Ms Armstrong says her favourite part of volunteering is working in the Kiosk.

"I have always liked that, I like working with the customers who are very nice to us. It's a good place to work," she said.

"There's lots of volunteers in this city and I think anyone who is sitting at home and has nothing to do should find somewhere to volunteer because it's very rewarding."