Hoons, law breakers to help pay for shortfall

South Australians will be helping the State Government to cover some of the $517 million shortfall from the GST revenue write-down with a rise in some fees, fines and charges over the next financial year.

Some items, such as public transport fares, will increase by an average of 2 per cent, while other charges and fines will be increased by 5pc.

State Treasurer Rob Lucas said the extra charges would raise about $79 million of extra revenue for the year.

"It's no secret the State faces a significant $517 million shortfall in GST revenue in 2019-20 and it's imperative we seek to plug that hole in a responsible way," Mr Lucas said.

"The Government will continue to cut waste and reduce spending in lower priority areas and increase revenue, especially from people who are breaking the law.

"Fines for anyone caught speeding at 30km/h or more above the speed limit will increase by $552 to $1472, while those hoons speeding 45k/h above the limit will cop a $1658 fine - an increase of $622.

"Motorists using their mobile phone behind the wheel will pay an extra $200 (total $534 fine)."

Motor vehicle registration fees and drivers licence renewals will be increased with extra fees also added for the Motor Vehicle Act Administration Fee which could range from an extra $3 and upwards, depending on the transaction.

Car parking fees at Adelaide public hospital sites will increase by about 20pc, but carers of sick young children, and those who need palliative care, renal dialysis, cancer treatments and more long term can apply for exemptions of payment.

Liquor licensing will also incur rises after a new structure was finalised last year after consultation with industry groups.

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