Rubbish reminder

JUNK: These dumped televisions are an example of what can be dumped for free at the landfill

JUNK: These dumped televisions are an example of what can be dumped for free at the landfill

Recent reports from residents finding illegal dump sites has prompted council to remind all residents that each household is entitled to one hard-waste pick-up every year performed by Bedford Phoenix.

This is not only handy for all households, it also assists people without access to transportation.

The Whyalla City Council Council and residents have recently been working together to identify and clean up illegal dump sites.

Most materials found illegally dumped can be easily disposed in the yellow recycling bins issued to each household or with the free hard waste pickup available to all residents.

Council CEO Chris Cowley said this was a good example of Council and the community working together to identify and clean up some unsightly spots around town.

"We can't be everywhere at once, so we welcome any and all assistance when it comes to reporting these illegal dumping sites, and also to educate one another on what materials can and can't be recycled and to utilise their free hard waste pick-up effectively," he said.

"Keeping our city and surrounds clean is something we should all strive for and is relatively easy to do if everyone does their bit to help."

A reminder that many items, including televisions, steel/metal, washing machines, dryers, ovens, metal bed frames and trampoline frames can all be disposed of for free at the Mt Laura Resources and Recycle Centre.

See the Council website for details on the centre's free dumping items.The 2019 Kerbside collection calendar mailed out to all residents contains a reminder about the FREE hard waste pickup and the website has information on what items are acceptable for collection.

You will need to place the approved items out in a neat pile at the determined collection date.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is not acceptable to put hard waste on the kerbside at any time other than the day prior to its arranged pickup.

To arrange your free hard-waste pick-up call Bedford on 8647 7711.

Visit for more details.