Donation boost for scouts

BOOST: The Whyalla Scout Group were thrilled to accept a $3100 donation from the Peppercorn Mark Team.
BOOST: The Whyalla Scout Group were thrilled to accept a $3100 donation from the Peppercorn Mark Team.

Another record crowd of 2800 attending a market held by the Peppercorn Team has resulted in a $3100 donation to the Whyalla Scout Group.

The Mother's Day Market was held on May 5 at Samaritan College and was packed with a variety of food, crafts, and arts stalls organised by 60 stall holders.

The food stalls ranged from dumplings to fish and chips, while jewellery, kids clothes, candles, and much were on offer in the craft section.

Peppercorn Market team member Argiri Kotsomitis said the day was a fantastic success with a lot of positive feedback from both attendees and stallholders.

"We had stalls we hadn't seen before - lots of new stalls. Stallholders who come to our market tell their friends at other markets about how good it is, and they all decide to come along," she said.

"We were pretty much at turned out perfect."

Ms Kotsomitis said the Scout Group were chosen from a pool of six applicants to be the recipients of the funding.

"We thought if we chose the scouts the funding would be really well utilised because it's such a big community group. The funding will benefit a lot of people," she said.

"We're really proud to be able to give them a cheque that big."

Whyalla Scout Group Leader Steve Carr said the scouts relied on support from the community to buy equipment and organise activities for their members

Mr Carr said the donation would go towards upgrading some of the scouts' existing equipment and funding their state camp for Joeys and Colts.

"We're hoping to put some of the money towards that to get them up to Adelaide," he said.

"The Joeys and Colts get to meet some of the other youth from around the state and get to know them - starting new friendships.

"They participate in activities over the whole weekend."

Mr Carr thanked the Peppercorn Team for their generous donation.

"It was a bit out of the blue, we weren't expecting it. I'm quite happy and thankful to them," he said.

"I would encourage other groups in Whyalla to support the Peppercorn Team with their next market. There is work on the day, but it's well worth it."