Politics comes to the pub

Centre Alliance candidate for Grey Andrea Broadfoot was back in Whyalla on Monday making her final pitch to voters ahead of the federal election this weekend.

Ms Broadfoot and Senator Rex Patrick attended a Politics in the Pub session at the Westlands Hotel to listen to the thoughts and concerns of locals.

Issues raised at the event included the lack of GP and medical specialist services in Whyalla, problems with service delivery under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), and concerns around the future of Whyalla's water supply from the Murray River.

With SIMEC Energy Australia's $350 million Cultana Solar Farm receiving development approval, questions around how the local workforce can maximise their participation in the project were also raised.

Ms Broadfoot said if elected she was keen to ensure federal resources were committed to funding training that enables unemployed workers to be work-ready again when big projects are on the horizon.

"Whyalla relies on the Murray River for water and we can see the current state of the Murray is not sustainable, so we talked about what desalination options could be implemented to recharge the Polder Basin in the Eyre Peninsula," she said.

In her pitch to the attendees Ms Broadfoot said if elected she would be a strong advocate for the electorate of Grey not beholden to any 'party line'.

"I want to make sure whoever is in government after this election takes strong notice of what the people in this electorate want and need," she said.

"Once people understood my commitment to the region and the skills I could bring to this role I had a lot of support. I had a few calls today from people who met me last night saying they were really keen to vote for me."

"It's heartening that people are looking for change and true representation."

As the federal elections looms this weekend Ms Broadfoot said she was feeling 'very positive' about her campaign, and thanked her volunteers and family for their support.