First A Grade loss for Kiwi

CONTEST: Roopena Goal Attack Danielle Coulson is defended by YCW Goal Defence Morgan Prosser during their A Grade clash.

CONTEST: Roopena Goal Attack Danielle Coulson is defended by YCW Goal Defence Morgan Prosser during their A Grade clash.

Just like that we are a third of the way through the season.

Roopena notched up their second win of the season in 11 & under Div 2 defeating YCW Green 18 to 8 and putting them up to second on the ladder.

In 11 & Under Div 1 Kiwi defeated YCW 22-14.

YCW and Roopena both had convincing wins in 13 & Under Division 2 while Ravens defeated True Blue Blue 26-13.

In 13 & Under Division 1 there were some massive score difference.

In a grade that has three strong teams full of combined and second year players and three development teams unfortunately we will experience this.

I hope the development teams do take something away from these games and set themselves some goals to achieve for next time.

Warriors sister teams faced off in 15 & Under Division 2 with Warriors Black coming out the easy winner 46-21.

Kiwi will be pleased to get their first win on the board this season defeating Ravens Black 30-26.

15 & Under Division 1 continues to be a fantastic competition with close games every week. Warriors just snuck home against YCW 37-35 while Kiwi were competitive against True Blue losing 28-41.

In E grade Ravens experienced their first loss for the season with YCW Green defeating them 47-33. Warriors also got their first win of the season defeating Kiwi Black 46-31.

Kiwi Black took on their sister team, Kiwi Red in D grade this week. Kiwi Black took the victory 31-14.

YCW Yellow who sit top of the ladder took on True Blue who currently sit bottom. The score somewhat reflected this with YCW taking the win 68-31.

C grade saw YCW defeat Kiwi 52-30. True Blue Blue and Ravens Pink had a close battle, both looking for their first win. True Blue Blue managing to come home with the points 33-28.

There were some close games in the B grade this week which is always exciting to see.

True Blue White and Kiwi Black were close at every break. True Blue just sneaking home 52-51.

It was a similar story between Kiwi Red and True Blue Blue but Kiwi managed to take the win 47-42.

The top of the ladder also faced off this week between YCW Yellow and Warriors Green. Warriors had been by just one point leading up to this game.

It was a physical game between to two teams and Warriors just didn't look comfortable in goals.

YCW Yellow took the win 42-38 delivering Warriors Green their first loss for the season and pushing them back to second spot.

A grade also had a couple of surprises in store this week. Kiwi suffered their first loss this week in an absolute battle against True Blue.

True Blue led at every break and Kiwi threw all they had at them in the last but True Blue held on to take the win 57-55.

Roopena took on YCW this week in a game where the result was going to be fairly obvious.

What most wouldn't have expected was how long Roopena could hold up a challenge to a very experienced YCW. At quarter time YCW only held a three goal lead.

Roopena came out firing ion the second and although at times it looked as though YCW were going to pull away, Roopena kept reeling them back in and YCW were only in front by five at half time.

The second half was a different story though with YCW having a wealth of experience on the bench to provide fresh legs, while Roopena's bench consisted of B grade players who had already played a full game.

In the end YCW took the win convincingly 57-28 but Roopena should be proud of their improvement.

This weekend we wish our combined players all the best when they take on teams from Port Lincoln, Port Augusta, Port Pirie, Roxby Downs and Mid North.