Life Lessons captured on paper

The Life Lessons generated during the D'faces of Youth Arts and Whyalla Aged Care project have been captured in writing and illustrations by the Whyalla Writers Group.

Life Lessons involved young people from D'faces spending time with residents of the Annie Lockwood Court and exchanging stories and technology both new and old with them through interviews.

These interviews were filmed by Lead Artists Clare Glenn and Stu Nankevill and were used in the Life Lessons documentary which screens at the Whyalla Film Festival at the Middleback Arts Centre on Friday.

The Writers Group worked in harmony with the filmmakers to collect stories and turn them into an anthology while cartoonist Stephen Stanley provided the illustrations.

Annie Lockwood resident June Worden said the book was 'beautiful' and communicated how different residents lives were growing up compared to the young people of Whyalla.

"It was a very interesting program, the young ones looked at us in amazement because of some of the things we recognised and some things that were too complicated for us," she said.

Ms Worden said she had bought 10 copies of the Life Lessons book while fellow resident Helen Brice said she had purchased six to hand out to children and grandchildren.

"I had a couple of stories in there and some photos of me when my dad when he was a drover," she said.

The book is still available for purchase via Whyalla Aged Care.