Indians clinch win in juniors

The long weekend saw just the juniors and softball played.


Road Runners Vs Indians

Roadies in for their bat saw them score four across.

Indians played short with just the seven seeing them score four across.

Roadies' Aimee Watson had two nice safe hits to left while Kaden Gilbert had one left and centre.

Indians' Alyssa Tremble, Zac Welgraven on with hits and scored from the home run of Reegan SImmonds (nice hit Reegs).

The game was kept close until the final dig with Roadies tying it up but Indians Madi Welgraven crossed the plate and Indians took the win 12-11.

"The game was kept close until the final dig with Roadies tying it up but Indians Madi Welgraven crossed the plate and Indians took the win 12-11."

Safe Hits- Roadies - L. Luvisi 1, A. Watson 2, K. Gilbert 2, -Catches - T. Carollo 1 - Pitching - JJ. Scott 1 K2 - Indians - A. Tremble 2, Z. Welgraven 2, R. SImmonds 2 (1HR), T. Lambert 1 - Pitching -C. Kenyon 3 K2, R. Simmonds 2 K2


Tigers Vs Eagles

Friday night saw softball played under lights with Tigers Vs Eagles.

Eagels were in first scoring one across with Missy's hit to left.

Tigers were kept scoreless with some nice fielding by Eagles, but it was fair game after the first innings with both sides having errors scoring runs.

Both sides had hits which scored runs but errors mainly ruled the game which finished in a tie 16-16.

Safe Hits- Eagles - M. Mcnamarra 1, T. Connors 1, D.Atkinson 1, N. Damon 2, M. Mcintosh 3, C. White 2, B. Barber 2, L. Crosby 1 - Catches - T.Connor 3, N. Damon 2, D. Atkinson 2, M.Mcintosh 1 - Tigers - J. Shea 2, S. Dodd 2, J. Vines 2, J. Mcintosh 1, K. Wilson 1. N. Taylor 2 D. Dodd 2

Roadies Vs Indians

The second game saw Roadies Vs Indians.

The game started well with three runs apiece in the first dig, but Roadies got away from Indians in the second with some nice hitting by Olivia Watson and Kirsty Sampson seeing them score 14 across.

Errors cost Indians again with runs being scored.

Alyssa Tremble, Courtney Balek both had some nice hits into the field and Roadies helped with a few errors.

Roadies were too strong for Indians and took the win 17-7.

Safe Hits - Raoadies - K. Sampson 2, O. Watson 2, R. Fowler 2, S. Watson 1, K. Reese 2, S. Haake 1, T. Parker 1 - -Catches - Indians - A. Tremble 2, L. Cruz 1, C. Balek 2 - Catches - B. Andersson 1, L. Cruz 1

This Week's Games


Juniors - Indians Vs Tigers - Umpires - Road Runners

10.50 am

Softball - Indians Vs Tigers - Umpires - Road Runners


Softball - Eagles Vs Road Runners - Umpires - Tigers


Seniors - Indians Vs Tigers - Umpures - Road Runners