Roadies claim all wins at weekend

This week's games started with Under 17s Tigers Vs Roadies.

The game was played despite Tigers one short.

Roadies took the win 9-8. Both sides had runs across the plate with Tigers Mason Hawes with a safe hit, while Roadies Tyson Carollo also had a safe hit.

Both pitchers did well (Tigers) Preston Whyte, while Roadies Kayden Gilbert and Aimee Watson both having 2k2's each.

The first softball game saw Road Runners Vs Tigers.

Tigers in first scored one across with hits from Joan Shea and Sharona Dodd.

Roadies in got two across with errors.

Tigers struggling in the field finished up with nine errors, having a go with the bat still saw Deslyn Dodd, Kath Wilson and Verena Kiseltiza all having safe hits.

Roadies did well both in the field with some great field work and then with the bat which saw eight cross in the second with hits from Kirsty Sampson, Olivia Watson, Rachael Fowler and Aimee Watson all having safe hits and Roadies taking the big win 15-6.

Safe Hits - Tigers- J. Shea 1, D. Dodd 1, D. dodd 1, K. Wilson 1, V. Kiselitza 1 - Catches - F. Treloar 4, J. Mcintosh 1 - Roadies - K. Sampson 1, O. Watson 2, (1 HR on error) R. Fowler 1, R. Mislov 2, S. Watson 2, A. Watson 3, T. Parker 1 - Catches - S. Watson 2, R.Mislov 1, A. Watson 1 - Pitching - O. Watson 1 K2

The second game saw Eagles Vs Indians.

Indians in first and kept scoreless for two digs. 

Eagles got one across and another three in the second with Danielle Atkinson and Margaret Mcintosh both having safe hits.

Indians in for the third dig saw Montana Tremble on with a safe hit along with mum Bec Andersson two base hit bringing in two runs, Dee Hutchinson being kept at first, Indians did well in the field to keep Eagles scoring just another five to take the win 9-3.

Safe Hits - Indians - M. Tremble 1, C. Balek 1, B. Andersson 1, D. Hutchinson 1 - Catches - C. Balek 1, R. Warner 1, S. Cousins 1 - Eagles - L. Couzen 1, N. Damon 2, M.Mcintosh 2, B.Barber 1, M.Mcnamarra 2 - Catches - M. Mcnamarra 1 - Pitching - M.Mcintosh 2K2

The Seniors saw a hat-trick that's rarely seen with three balls pitched three out cycle when Tigers Vs Roadies.

Tigers in first with Damien Pietuch's two base hit to right, scoring from Mick Peters hit to centre, Shane Stephens scored off the sac fly from Damon Looyestn.

Roadies in for their bat saw Nathan King with a two base hit to left, Scott Preiss with a base hit, Nik Fosteris, Matt Jarvis all getting on base, a double play by Tigers saw them kept to just the three across.

Tigers got on base in the second but unable to cross the plate and with the third dig saw Mick Peters fly up to Tristan Wheler on themound, Damon flying out to centre and Peter Pietuch out at first with the 3 pitch (hatrick) cycle.

Roadies scored in the second with a cracker home run by Scott Preiss, Chris Luvisi and Tristan Wheeler on with errors and scoring another three across saw them keep the lead and take the win 8-5 -Well done to Roadies on the Hatrick Cycle.  Safe HIts - Tigers - D. Pietuch 2, M. Peters 2, D. Looyestyn 1, P. Pietuch 1, B. Tidbury 2, K. Daniel 2 - Catches - M.Peters 1 - Pitching - D. Vines 9 K2 - Roadies - N. King 1, S. Preiss 3 (1HR), N. Fosteris 1, M. Jarvis 1, L. Gould 1 - Catches - N. King 3, T. Wheeler 2, M. jarvis 2, L. Gould 1- Pitching - T. Wheeler 1 K2