Summer golf season to come to an end


The summer golf season has almost been completed with the wind-up luncheon to be held at the club on Thursday. There has certainly been a mixture of weather conditions thrown in the season. Extremely hot to coolish mornings have been the go with attendances averaging out. Ladies are requested to bring a plate and trophies will be presented. 

The 'senior' mens nine hole stableford event was won by Reggie Hocking with Ken Foubister runner up. 

On going through some 'old' photos recently, I came across an SGL team. Included in that team was no other than Reg Hocking, Bob Clayton, Darryl Foote, Glen Davis, Brian Knowles, Kevin Webber and Naish Travers, a selector and Bill Morley as trainer. This combined football team played on the Adelaide oval in 1962, against a Southern Districts combined team as a curtain raiser prior to a state game of SA v VIC. SGL was then a football league with teams from Whyalla, Port Augusta and Port Pirie competing. They were the days! 

After a few 'off days' following surgery, Murray Peters is now on the right trail. We send our best wishes for a speedy recovery. 

Saturday golf attracts the most competitors and the shop is super busy from 7.30 am until most have 'hit off' usually about 12.30pm. Life member Lyn Wickstein 'Wicky' as most of us know him is on duty during that time slot. Wicky no longer plays the game however gives his time week in and week out on a voluntary basis, thus providing the club a reliable and efficient service. 

After all ladies have completed playing in the competitions on Tuesdays and Thursdays someone has to be responsible to scrutinise the core cards to determine the winners. Our match committee is responsible and thanks go to them. They cannot sit around and chat and catch up with club news, but have to concentrate. All competitors should assist by handing cards in promptly and where possible in group collective order (as played). Marge Nicholls has been a pillar of strength in processing results on the computer. You'd better start taking it easy now you've reached the ripe old age of '70'- just kidding! 

In my snippets last week, I forgot to mention that Andy Worden scored a 'hole in one' being on the 7th. Most golfers fail to achieve this feat and might I mention that Andy was over the moon.

Saturday's men's nine hole stableford competition for (seniors) was won by Julian Milne (my informer thinks)! Some persons memory is not all it should be. Now he thinks it was Ken Foubister - who knows! 


Stableford, Feb 19: Winner Jo Gogan 19pts on c/b from Val Callaghan r/up. Ball winners Helma Bambridge and Marge Nicholls 17pts, Maree Farr 16, Marg Dunn 15 and Wendy Beames 14 on c/b from Bev Shiell also 14. NTP Val Callaghan ans Lucky Balls Ghislaine Scatena and Annette Cotter. Turkey J Gogan 13th and Birdies Jo Gogan 13th and Maree Farr 16th. Stableford, Feb 21: Winner Gelske Rogers 22pts. R/up Diana Slater 19. Ball winners Marcia Smith and Robyn Phillis 18pts , Maree Farr and Val Callaghan 17. NTP Glenda Davies. Lucky Balls J.Gogan and B.Shiell. Turkeys G Rogers 4th, T.Murray 3rd, M.Farr 4th and J.Kerr 5th. Birdies G.Rogers 3d and G.Davies 7th.