Whyalla treated to SASI skills session after cycling carnival

On the day after the carnival, Whyalla riders were invited to participate in a skills session with SASI coach James Glasspool and his sprint team.  

This South Australian Sports Institute team includes Whyalla’s own Leigh Hoffman. Whyalla riders were given some different track challenges with the key focus on developing simple skills which can be very effective during racing. After some practice sessions on the track in small teams to do a peel out manoeuvre and running at the wheel exercise it was then onto bike handling and riding slow exercises.  These skills develop the ability to negotiate courses using control of speed, balance and turning. Finally a ride slow challenge to keep as straight as possible with slow bike speed. A demonstration of all these skills was given by the SASI sprint team riders. Whyalla riders said it was fun and interesting with only a few flattened cones but mostly riders stayed upright. A successful carnival followed next day with this fun skills session. Thank you to the coach James Glasspool and Adelaide SASI riders. Club racing is on each Friday 6.30pm at the velodrome.