Junior action aplenty for baseball carnival

Saturday saw the Junior Carnival happen with three games being played before the seniors.

Road Runners Vs Tigers

Roadies, into bat first, saw them score the three (min) across with a cracker home run by Kayden Gilbert.

Indians also scored three across, brothers Cass and Xavier Connelly both doing for Tigers along with help from Mitchell Porteous who had a safe two base hit to centre.

Both sides had the 25 pitch minimum with Roadies JJ Scott in first followed by Trey Preiss and Dekyln Carollo while Tigers Mitchell James and Cass both did well for their side. Roadies finished with the win.

Second game saw Indians Vs Road Runners

Indians were in first with Zach Welgraven having a nice hit to left and Reegan Simmonds to centre, but unable to score with some nice pitching by Roadies Lachlan Luvisi.

Roadies were also kept scoreless in the first, with some nice pitching by Cooper Kenyon and then Zach Welgraven.

Roadies scored three with Tyson Carollo having a hit to right and JJ Scott scoring from Lachlan Luvisi's walk.

A couple of errors from Roadies saw Indians score three in the second and another three in the last with a cracker hit from Madi Welgraven and them taking the win 6-3.

Indians in for their final bat saw Bec hit a fly out to Tanya who took a great catch, Jo Porteous on along with Rachel Warner and Dee Hutchinson. But some nice plays by Eagles saw Indians unable to score and them take the win 11-7.

Indians v Eagles, Sunday

The third game saw Indians Vs Tigers

Indians were in first with them scoring three, Reegan Simmonds with a nice hit to centre to bring in two, Tigers got on base with some walks and Mitchell James two base hit to left got two home.

Indians scored another three with a hit from Zach Welgraven, Tigers Heath-Jarvis Sheehan with a hit to centre saw them get three across and the game finish in a tie 6-6.

Well done to all players - Indians - Ayssa Tremble, Zach Welgraven, Madi Welgraven, M. Tremble, R. Simmonds, T. Lambert, C. Kenyon, M. Porteous, G. Lambert - Road Runners- Eli Preiss, Trey Preiss, M. Adams, K. Gilbert, JJ. Scott, T. Carollo, D. Carollo, L.Luvisi - Tigers - C. Donnelly, X. Donnelly, H.Jarvis-Sheehan, M. James, P. Whyte, M. Hawes, H. Wilson.

Seniors saw Indians Vs Road Runners

Indians were in for their bat first and saw Willy Gibbs on with a walk, Liam Walden struck out, Mick Gibs and Tyler Welgraven on with a walk, getting two across on errors.

Roadies in for their long time at bat with the batting line up going through nearly twice and saw 12 runs cross and only four hits to do it

Nik Fosteris had two safe hits and Nathan King had a two base hit.

Indians not playing their usual self saw only two more cross the plate, struggling both with the bat and in the field saw errors and too many walks and Roadies scored another 10 to finish the game with a big win 22-4.

Safe Hits- Indians - Catches- M.Gibbs 1, R.Simmonds 1- Pitching- M. Gibbs 2 K2 - Roadies - A. Storr 2, D. Manuel 2, N. Fosteris 2, D. Adams 1, T. Wheeler 1, N. King 1, S. Wheeler 1 - Catches - C. Luvisi 1, S. Wheeler 1 - Pitching - E. Preiss 2 K2

Sunday's Games saw Softball and Baseball played with Indians Vs Eagles

Starting off first, Eagles in for their bat saw them get four across with some nice batting by the girls.

Indians scored one across and were kept scoreless until the third where they had good run with the bat with Alyssa Tremble, Bec Andersson Jo Porteous and with Courtney Balek's cracker two base hit to left seeing them get six across.

Going into the fourth dig saw them tied and Eagles in Tanya Turner having a lovely three base hit to right, L. Couzen and Margaret Mcintosh with safe hits to left getting four across to take the lead.

Indians in for their final bat saw Bec hit a fly out to Tanya who took a great catch, Jo Porteous on along with Rachel Warner and Dee Hutchinson.

But some nice plays by Eagles saw Indians unable to score and them take the win 11-7.

Safe HIts - Eagles - D. Atkinson 2, M. Mcnamarra 2, C. White 1, N.Damon 3, T. Turner 2, L. Couzen 1, T. Connor 1, M. Mcintosh 2 - Catches - M. Mcnamara 1, N. Damon 1, T. Turner 1 - Indians - A. Tremble 1, S. Cousins 1, B. Andersson 1, J. Porteous 3, R. Warner 1, D. Hutchinson 1, C. Balek 1 - Catches -C. Balek 1, R Warner 1

The Second Game saw Tigers Vs Road Runners

Tigers in for their bat saw two runs across on errors and a safe hit from Verena Kiselitza.

Roadies had a good time with the bat with Kirsty Sampson starting with a three base hit to left along with Oivia Watson, Sam Watson, Margaret Millman both having hits to the outfield.

Kelly Reese finished it off with a two base to centre and Roadies scored 11 across.

Tigers fought back with nine in the second with some nice hitting by Sharona Dodd, Francine Treloar, Jeanne Mcintosh and Tanya Mcintosh making them have the one run lead.

Roadies needed a run or two to take the game but some nice pitching and fielding by Tigers Francine Treloar, Shianne Wilson and Jeanne Mcintosh saw them unable to get any across even with Rachael Fowler's two base hit to left.

Tigers took the win 16-11.

Safe Hits - Tigers- S. Dodd 1, F. Treloar 2, D. Dodd 1, J. Mcintosh 1, S. Wilson 1, V. Kiselitza 3, N. Taylor 1, T. Mcintosh 2 - Catches - S. Wilson 1, T.Mcintosh 1 J. Mcintosh 1 - Pitching - F. Treloar 2 K2- Roadies - K. Sampson 1, O. Watson 2, R. Fowler 1, R. Mislov 1, S. Watson 1, K. Reese 1, M. Millman 1

The Seniors game saw a great come back with Tigers Vs Roadies

Tigers in first saw them get four across with Shane Stephens and Jeremy James having safe hits, Damien Pietuch and Mick Peters home on errors.

Roadies were in and had a field day with the bat, which looked like it was going to see the same as the Saturday game saw Scott Preiss, Chris Luvisi both with a two base hit to centre along with Tristan Wheeler to left, finishing up with 11 across.

Tigers struggled a bit in the centre to start with but finished up taking control in the second and third dig.

Errors (nine) cost Roadies runs with Tigers getting eight in the third dig to take the lead by one getting another five in the final dig.

Roadies, who where kept scoreless until the last dig and them needing seven to catch up, saw Andrew Storr on with a safe hit, home on another error along with Chris Luvisi but with some nice pitching by Danile Vines saw them kept to just the three and Tigers took the win 17-13.

Safe Hits - Tigers - D. Pietuch 1, S. Stephens 1, J. James 2, K. Daniel 1 - Catches - 0 - Pitching - D. Vines 5 K2, B. Tidbury 1 - Roadies - A. Storr 2, C. Luvisi 1, S. Preiss 1, N. Fosteris 1 T. Wheeler 1 - Catches- 0- Pitching - D. Adams 1, T. Wheeler 2 K2.

Next Week's Games

Sunday, February 17


Juniors - Indians Vs Road Runners - Umpires - Tigers


Softball - Indians Vs Road Runners - Umpires - Tigers


Softball - Eagles Vs Tigers - Umpires - Road Runners


Seniors - Indians Vs Road Runners - Umpires - Tigers