Roadies stage great comeback

Only softball was played on Sunday. In Juniors, Indians took the win on forfiet. The first softball game saw a great comeback by Road Runners in the last dig to take the win.

In for their first bat saw them kept to three with Kelly Reese flying out to short, Olivia Watson, Kirsty Sampson and scored from Sam Watson's hit to centre. Eagles’ Cassie White on with a safe hit along with Margaret Mcintosh and with Tania Turner having a nice hit to centre saw them get 11 across. Roadies back in for their bat saw them come back with a vengence with hits by Stephanie Prosser, Ruby Mislov and Sarah Haake all scoring across the plate and with Eagles having 7 errors which scored more runs seen Roadies take the lead by 1. Eagles in and trying to get the run back saw Bo Barber caught out at third base, Margaret Mcintosh on with an error, Danielle Atkinson hitting to left along with Tanya Connor but a double play from Roadies saw Kelly Reese take the catch and play third to end the game and Roadies win by one –  12-11. Safe Hits - Roadies O. Watson 2, S. Watson 2, R. Fowler 1, S. Prosser 1, M. Mislov 1, S. Haake 1 - Catches - K. Sampson 1, K. Reese 1 - Eagles - D. Atkinson 2, T. Connor 1, C. White 1, T. Turner 2, L. Couzen 1, M. Mcintosh 1 - Catches - T. Turner 1

The second game saw Tigers vs Indians. The game being short and to the point, Tigers had a hitting feast winning 15-0. Safe Hits - Indians - S. Cousins 1, M. Tremble 1 - Tigers - J. Shea 2, S. Dodd 2, F. Treloar 1, J. Mcintosh 1, S. Wilson 2, N. Taylor 2, K. Wilson 2, T. Mcintosh 1 - Catches - T. Mcintosh 1

This week's games

Sat, Feb 9, Junior Carnival

9.00am - Tigers Vs Road Runners - Umpires - Indians. 10.15am - Road Runners Vs Indians - Umpires - Tigers. 11.30am - Indians Vs Tigers - Umpires - Road Runners. 12.45 SENIORS - Road Runners Vs Indians - Umpires - Tigers.

Sun, Feb 10

9.00am- Softball - Indians Vs Eagles - Umpires - Tigers. 10.50am- Softball - Road Runners Vs Tigers - Umpires Eagles. 12.30pm - Road Runners Vs Tigers - Umpires - Indians.