Low scoring games across the weekend

Indians vs Eagles saw both teams in softball fill a full side with Indians in first for their bat and kept scoreless for the first two innings. Eagles first two on with walks and scoring from hits of Tania Connor and Tania Turner. Indians scored 2 in the third with a hit from Del Roffey and Jankai Mathews both scoring on errors. Indians struggled with the bat with just 6 hits with Kath Welgraven having 2, daughter Maddie Welgraven doing well at third. Eagles short stop Tanya Turner had another good game in the field having 3 safe hits. Margaret Mcintosh got another two home but it was their second baseman Bo Barber having a good day with some good plays at second and with them getting the 5 in the third dig saw them take the win 8-3.

The second game saw Road Runners vs Tigers. It started with a close game with Roadies into bat first with Kelly Reese out at first, Sam Watson with a safe hit along with Kirtsy Samspson, but with the balls hitting straight to Tigers Tanya Mcintosh at short saw them kept scoreless. Tigers in saw Joan Shea on with an error scoring from Sharona Dodd's hit to left, Francine Treloar scored off Jeanne Mcintosh's hit. Roadies fought back in the second, tying the game with a nice hit by Kelly, Sam and Margaret Millman but a double play by Tigers. Tigers in for their second bat saw some nice batting by Jeanne, Tanya Mcintosh and 2 more from Joan Shea and with some silly errors by Roadies saw Tigers score 11 across and with that lead it was hard for Roadies to come back only getting one across and Tigers taking the win 15-4.

The Seniors game saw Tigers vs Road Runners. Roadies into bat first saw Andrew Storr score off the hit from Nathan King while Scott Preiss hitting to short saw Andrew come back in as the courtesy runner and score another run for himself. Dave Adams was safe with a hit to left finishing the dig with two runs, Tigers Mick Peters was on with an error, Damien Pietuch was on with a walk both home with the hit from Shane Stephens to left field. Roadies in for the second dig saw some nice hitting by Dylan Manuel, Rachael Fowler and Scott and with 2 errors saw them score another 2, but it was the third dig where they scored another 4. Tigers kept to just the one hit for 2 dig with Mick Peters on at first but Roadies fielding and some nice pitching by Nathan King saw Tigers score one back in the fifth with a nice hit from Damien Pietuch and brother Peter. Daniel Vines on with a hit to left but with Roadies getting the lead early and Tigers having 6 errors saw them take the win 9-2.

This week’s games

Softball played Friday night

Friday 25th - 6.00pm - Eagles Vs Road Runners - Umpires - Indians, 8.00pm - Tigers Vs Indians - Umpires - Road Runners

Sunday 27th

9.00am Juniors - Road runners Vs Indians - Umpires - Tigers, 10.50am Softball - Road Runners Vs Indians - Umpires - Eagles, 12.30pm Softball - Tigers Vs Eagles - Umpires - Indians, 2.10 pm Seniors - Road Runners Vs Indians - Umpires - Tigers