Softball and baseball are fired up for 2019

BASEBALL ACTION: In Senior Baseball on the weekend Road Runners fell to Indians 14-2 in their first game back for 2019.

BASEBALL ACTION: In Senior Baseball on the weekend Road Runners fell to Indians 14-2 in their first game back for 2019.

First games back for the year saw early games of softball.

The early game saw Tigers vs Eagles.

Tigers were in first with Sharona Dodd, Verena Kiselitza scoring from the hit of Tanya Mcintosh, Eagles Danielle Atkinson, Missy Mcnamarra scoring along with Cassie White, the game being played fairly evenly with runs across until Eagles had six errors which cost the runs.

Tigers’ Kath Wilson and Shianne Wilson both had a good day in the field, Eagles’ Norma Damon and short stop T. Turner doing well taking three catches, but Tigers took the win 17-7.

Safe Hits - Tigers - S. Dodd 2, J.Shea 4, V.Kiselitza 2, T. Mcintosh 3, N. Taylor 1, K. Wilson 1, S. Wilson 2 - Catches - J.Shea 1, V.Kiselitza 1 - Pitching- K. Wilson 2 K2 - Eagles - D.Atkinson 1, M.Mcnamarra 2, N. Damon 2, T.Turner 1, L.Couzens 2, M.Mcintosh 1 - Catches - T.Turner 3 .

The second game saw Road Runners vs Indians.

The game started slow with both scoring in the first dig – R/R’s Sam Watson and Rachael Fowler with the sac bunt, Indians’ Shelley Cousins, Maddi Welgraven and Janaki Mathews on with walks and Del Roffey had a two base hit to centre to bring in two runs.

Janaki also had a lovely infield home run in the second. Roadies’ Aimee Watson had a good day with the bat with two three-base hits and with some errors saw them score both in the second and third dig.

Both sides struggled in the middle but Roadies came out on top and took the win 19-10.

Safe Hits - R/R - A. Watson 2, T.Fay 1, S. Watson 3, R. Fowler 1, M.Millman 1 - Catches - S. Watson 2, T. Fay 1 - Indians - S. Cousins 1, J. Mathews 1 (HR), D. Roffey 1, - Catches - C. Balek 1

The Seniors Baseball saw Road Runners Vs Indians.

Road Runners started the batting with them kept to one run across with Andrew Storr scoring from Scott Preiss’ hit to left.

Indians’ Mick Gibbs, Brandon Gibbs and Damon Kenyon all had safe hits. Tyler Welgraven had a sac fly to bring in Willy Gibbs. Roadies’ Scott Preiss had a cracker home run to left.

Matt Jarvis had a two base hit to centre. Indians’ Brandon Gibbs did well on the mound along with Damon Kenyon.

Indians got the lead early and Roadies struggled in the middle which saw Indians take the win 14-2.

Safe Hits - Road Runners - S. Preiss 2, M. Jarvis 1 - Catches - M. Jarvis 1 - Pitching - E.Preiss 3 K2's J. Popovich 1 K2 - Indians - M. Gibbs 3, T. Welgraven 1, B. Gibbs 3, S. Welgraven 1, Damon Kenyon 2, Danny Roffey 1 - Catches - S. Welgraven 1, D. Roffey 1 - Pitching - B. Gibbs 8 K2's D. Kenyon 2 K2's . 

Next week's games

Sunday, January 13

9.00am - Softball - Indians Vs Tigers - Umpires - Eagles

10.50am - Softball - Road Runners vs Eagles - Umpires - Tigers

Seniors Baseball - 12.30pm - Indians Vs Tigers - Umpires - Road Runners