Swing ‘unsafe’ after vandalism

Vandals have forced the closure of Whyalla’s Liberty swing at the foreshore playground.

The enclosure around the swing, designed for people living with a disability, has been locked by City of Whyalla work crews after the equipment was vandalised and made unsafe for use.

Council is now assessing the damage to the 10-year-old swing and options for its repair or replacement. There is damage to the structure and fence lock while the securing mechanism and other parts of the swing have been stolen.

Spare parts, which are difficult to find, are being sought while a quote for a new swing is also being sourced. The repair or replace options will be presented to February’s ordinary Council meeting for consideration.

Whyalla Mayor Clare McLaughlin said it was regrettable the swing had to be closed and extremely disappointing it was the result of vandalism.

“I’m not sure what goes through somebody’s mind to damage and steal equipment from a swing designed for those living with a disability,” Mayor McLaughlin said.

“Any vandalism and theft in our community is a concern but this is especially disappointing considering it takes away a fun activity for people in our community living with a disability.

“As a Council we will act as quickly as possible to either fix or replace this swing.”

Mayor McLaughlin also issued a warning to those responsible for the damage.

“Be assured every act of vandalism to public property in our city is reported to the police and we encourage members of the public to contact us or the police if they see vandalism or crime in our community,” Mayor McLaughlin said.

“We have a working agreement with local police to streamline the reporting of vandalism and these acts are not going unnoticed and will be actioned on in one way or another.

“It isn’t, however, all about just punishing those people responsible, Council is also actively working with police, various agencies and community bodies with programs and strategies that address these issues at the root cause.”

Residents can report any acts of vandalism to Council by calling 8640 3444, via email council@whyalla.sa.gov.au or through website or My Local Services app customer enquiry forms.

Vandalism and crime can also be reported direct to police via the Crimestoppers number 1800 333 000.