Indians claim seniors win

The last round of games for the year saw Indians take the seniors win.

The first softball game saw Tigers vs Road Runners. A great game between the two with Tigers in for bat first which saw them score one across. Roadies were kept scoreless, even the nice hit from Kristy Sampson, going into the third dig saw Tigers connect with the bat with Jess Vines, Roma Dodd, Kath Wilson all having hits to left, Kath also doing in the middle taking three catches. Roadies fought back with hits from Kelly Reese, Rachel Fowler and Sarah Haake, both sides wanting the win and with Roadies again having hits in the fourth saw them score five across with a nice hit from Tracey Parker but Tigers had the lead already and they took the close game 10-8. Safe Hits- Tigers - J. Vines 1, R. Dodd 2, D. Dodd 2, J. Mcintosh 1, K. Wilson 1, N. Taylor 1, V. Kiselitza 1 T. Mcintosh 1 - Catches - K. Wilson 3, D. Dodd 1, S. Wilson 1 - Road Runners - K. Reese 2, O.Watson 1, K. Sampson 3, R. Fowler 2, C. Reese 1, S. Haake 1, A.Watson 2 T. Parker 1 - Catches - O. Watson 2, A. Watson 1 M.Millman 1.

The second game saw a great match up between Indians and Eagles.

Eagles in for bat first saw them score six across on errors, Leeanne Crosby, Margaret Mcintosh both having safe hits, Indians in for their bat saw Maddi Welgraven, Rachel Warner and Janaki Mathews all scoring off hits.

The second innings saw Eagles score nine across with hits from Danielle Atkinson, Norma Damon, Lisa Couzens and Cassie White. Indians connecting with the bat in the second saw some girls have a field day with Courtney Balek, Shelley Cousins, Karen Weinhert, Bec Andersson and daughters, Alyssa and Montana, with a two base hit to centre while Montana scored home run on errors. Going into the last dig, Eagles caught up to tie the game and with a play at home that didn’t go to Indians saw it finish in a tied game 18-18. Safe Hits - Eagles - M.Mcnamarra 1, C.White 1, L.Couzens 1, N. Damon 2, L. Crosby 1, D. Atkinson 2, M. Mcintosh 2 - Catches - D. Atkinson 1, L. Crosby 1 - Indians - M. Welgraven 3, R. Warner 2, K. Welgraven 1, B. Andersson 3, J. Mathews 3, K.Weinhert 1, S.Cousins 2, C.Balek 1 A. Tremble 3 - Catches - C.Balek 1

The Seniors game saw Tigers Vs Roadies. Tigers were in for bat first and scored one across. Roadies came in and scored from an error, Scott Preiss, Dave Adams and Chris Luvisi all having safe hits and Roadies scoring seven across. Tigers J.James scored across from wild pitch, scoring another in the third kept scoreless for two digs, Damien Pietuch and brother Peter Pietuch had the only safe hits for the game. Roadies did well to keep the lead with some nice hitting by Ewan Preiss, Matt Jarvis and Jarrod Popovich, and with them connecting in the field also saw them put out Mick Peters trying to steal, Chris doing well at second with two catches. Both teams did well but Roadies got the lead early and kept it to take the win 11-4. Safe Hits - Tigers - P.Pietuch 1, D. Pietuch 1 - Catches - J. James 2, F. Treloar 1 - Pitching - D. Pietuch 5K2's - Road Runners- S. Preiss 1, M. Jarvis 1, D. Adams 2, C.Luvisi 2, J.Popovich 1, E.Preiss 1 - Catches- C. Luivis 2, N.KIng 1- Pitching - D. Adams 4 K2's.

Well done to all teams in the first half of the season, have a great Christmas and see you all in January.