Christmas celebrations aplenty at Harp ‘N’ Shamrocks club

The Harp ‘N’ Shamrocks Club had a most welcome visitor on Sunday, December 16 – the man in red!

Santa had a gift for lots of people and brought much laughter and Christmas cheer to everyone in the clubrooms as usual and it`s amazing how  much even us oldies look forward to his visit.

One of the club stalwarts in Ged Palmer is leaving Whyalla and was presented with a gift from Santa and another one from the Shamrocks boys – a hip flask full of Dubliner Irish Whiskey – he will be sorely missed!

Mick Palmer was also presented with a surprise present from the Shamrocks boys which was brilliantly made by Neil Jones – payback for giving Marsy some false teeth lollies after he had teeth removed by the dentist

It consisted of an engraved box which, when opened from the top, released a huge wooden middle finger which is mounted on a spring.

The food was as always excellent, as was the service from the bar.  

                                     - MARSY