Indians win in juniors

The weekend of baseball and softball started with the juniors – Indians vs Road Runners.

Indians were in for their first bat.

Alyssa Tremble, Reegan Simmonds Maddi Welgraven along with Cooper Kenyon had hits to the outfield.

There were some nice plays by Roadies Aimee Watson and JJ Scott and pitcher Kayden Gilbert kept to only five runs across

Deaken Carollo and Aimee had safe hits and scored from a nice double play by Indians pitcher Cooper and third baseman Maddi Welgraven saw them kept to three for the dig.

Indians scored another four in the second and seven in the third with some nice hitting by Zac Welgraven and Alyssa.

Roadies tried to get some runs back with another three in the third but it was not enough and Indians took the win 16-6.

Safe Hits - Indians - A.Tremble 2, R. Simmonds 3, M. Welgraven 2, C. Kenyon 2, M. Porteous 1, Z. Welgraven 3 G. Lambert 1 - Catches - C.Kenyon 1 - Pitching - C. Kenyon 2 K2's - R/R - D, Carollo 2, K. Gilbert 1, A. Watson 1, M.Adams 1 - Catches - K. Gilber 1, JJ .Scott 1 - Pitching- K. Gilbert 1 K2, JJ. Scott 1 K2

The first softball game saw Indians vs Roadies, with Indians into bat first and kept scoreless.

R/R Kelly Reese was on hit by pitch, Sam Watson was on with a hit to left and with some errors saw them get 11 across.

Indians Rachel Warner was on with an error and scored from Alyssa Tremble's hit but was kept to just the one run and another in the third with Del Roffey’s two base hit to right field scoring off Karen Weinhert.

R/R had a good day with the bat and scored another four to take the win 15-2.

Safe Hits - Indians - D. Roffey 1, K. Weinert 1, C. Balek 1, D. Hutchinson 1, A. Tremble 1 - Catches - R. Warner 1. D. Hutchinson 1, A. Tremble 1, K. Gibbs 1 - R/R - K. Reese 1, S. Watson 1, K. Sampson 1, R.Mislov 2, M. Payne 1, T. Parker 2 - Catches - R.Mislov 1 S. Watson 1

The second game saw Tigers vs Eagles.

Eagles were in for their bat seen and were kept scoreless while the Tigers started with Kath Wilson, Verena Kiselitza and J. Mcintosh all having safe hits but were kept to only three runs across.

Eagles scored three in the second with just the one hit from Amy Van Roosmalen and two home on errors.

In what should have been a good game, it saw Tigers take the win 14-8.

Safe Hits - Eagles - D.Atkinson 1, L.Couzen 1, A. VRossmalen 2, L.Cosby 1 - Catches - M.Mcnamarra 1, N. Damon 1 - Tigers - S. Wilson 1, K. Wilson 3, D. Dodd 2, V. Kiselitza 4, J. Mcintosh 3, T. Mcintosh 2, J. Shea 2 - Catches - K. Wilson 1 S. Wilson  2 T. Mcintosh 2 V.Kiselitza 1 - Pitching - K. Wilson 2 K2's

The seniors saw Indians vs Road Runners.

Indians started the game but were kept scoreless with some nice fielding by Roadies.

Indians started the game but were kept scoreless with some nice fielding by Roadies.

Going in for their bat saw them score three across with errors from Indians.

Jarrod Popovich had a lovely home run out to centre.

Indians, in for another go, saw Steve Welgraven with a safe hit and scored from an error which Roadies made up for with a double play to end the runs home.

Roadies outfield worked hard with Dave Adams having three catches for the day.

Going into bat saw some more nice hitting by Andrew Storr, Nathan King and Scott Preiss all scoring and with them finishing with another five saw them take the win 10 - 3.

Safe Hits - Indians - Damon Kenyon 1, M. Gibbs 1, T. Welgraven 1, S. Welgraven 1, Danny Roffey 1, B. Andersson 1 - Catches - D. Roffey 1, B. Gibbs 1 - Pitching - D. Kenyon 5 K2's, M. Gibbs 1 K2 - Roadies - A. Storr 1, N. King 1, S. Preiss 2, B. Pugh 1, J. Popovich 1 (HR), K. Gilbert 1 - Catches - D. Adams 3, B. Pugh 1, J. Popovich 1 - Pitching - E. Preiss 3 K2's.

This weekend’s games

Sunday, December 9

9.00am U/17's - Tigers Vs Indians - Umpires - R/R

10.50am -Softball - Eagles Vs R/R - Umpires - Indians 

12.30pm -Softball- Tigers Vs Indians - Umpires - R/R

2.10pm - Seniors - Tigers Vs Indians - Umpires R/R