Heartfelt donation

Heartbeat Whyalla have made a potentially life-saving donation to the Whyalla Hospital after raising $10,000.

The community group, who recently raised $26,000 for another piece of medical equipment, donated a ZOLL R Series ALS Defibrillator to the Whyalla Perioperative Unit.

The defibrillator will be used to convert patients with an irregular heartbeat back into sinus rhythm by using an electric shock. 

The new piece of equipment means the unit will no longer need to rely on a machine borrowed from the resuscitation room in Accident and Emergency.

“With the machine now based within our department we can provide this service in a safe manner for the whole community,” Acting Associating Nursing Unit Manager Tracy Fox said.

“This machine will not only help with these day procedures but will provide a safer environment for our operative patients.”

Ms Fox thanked Hearbeat for donating thousands of dollars worth of equipment to the Whyalla Hospital over a number of years.

“Without these dedicated volunteers our hospital would not be able to provide the depth of services it does today,” she said.

Heartbeat President Marilyn Johns said the group had received a great deal of support from the community, enabling them to raise $36,000 in funding for medical equipment.

“Without the support of the general public we wouldn’t be able to buy anything, so thank you to all the people who have helped us,” she said.

The funding was raised by selling their wares in the hospital foyer and hosting fundraising events.