Fair fun at Fisk | PHOTOS

Fisk Street Primary School students made their Friday afternoon a fun one last week, hosting a school fair to raise important funding for their camp.

The exercise helped students improve their budgeting and business skills by counting up the money raised from food, games and activities. 

Each student hosting a stall pitched their idea to Year 6/7 Teacher Rhys Randell. The result was a variety of stalls on the day including a bake sale, ice cream spiders and drinks.

“They put a lot of work into their advertising...We looked at what colours are good at attracting attention and then used them in flyers that went up around the school,” Mr Randell said.

Families were invited to join in the fun which helped students improve their socials skills.

“It was really popular, all the kids were into it and so were the parents,” Mr Randell said.

The funds raised will help make the school camp cheaper for students to attend.