Service a great tribute to Lewis


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Birthday celebrants for November are Johanna Gogan the 17th, sister Gelske Rogers 18th and ex members Judy Matchett 19th, Julie Smith 28th, Sue Woskowiak 8th and a special birthday being her 90th will be Dorothy Rilstone. May you all have a happy day. 

The service held at the golf club to celebrate the life of our life member John Lewis was a true tribute to his committment to the club and Whyalla in general for the clubroom was packed. 

Many readers would not realise that our local milk supply years ago was from the dairy situated just out of town off the Port Augusta Road and milk came in half-pint and pint glass bottles delivered early each morning by the milk man. Utes were used with stacked shelves in the trays and one could hear the rattling bottles from afar. A 'runner' was used by the milk man, namely high school boys who would have to rise early and do the 'run' from approx 4.30-7.30 then front up for school (good pocket money though). Noel Goldsworthy was one such 'runner' who worked for John Lewis that formed a special friendship over the years. 

From Jan 1, several rule changes will come into being. Most simplify the game and speed the 'tempo' up a bit. Golfers will be given a copy of changes. For more info view videos at

Margaret Dunn now has her two eyes that see very clearly after the second cataract has been safely removed, and Richard is home (looking good) and waiting for the date set down for his heart procedure in Adelaide. 

Great to hear that Darryl Kerr is back swinging the clubs again. 

Winner of the nine-hole men's comp on Saturday was Brian Flanagan on 18 stableford points with Colin Rodda runner-up on 15 points on a c/b from son-in-law Johnny Smith.


Tuesday, October 30, Stableford Comp. Winner Helma Bambridge 19pts. Ball winners  Gelske Rogers and Jo Gogan 18pts. Ilona Hansen and Maree Farr 16pts and Bev Shiell 15pts. Nearest Pin Helma Bambridge Sweepstake Marge Nicholls. Thursday 9 hole Stableford Comp. Winner Thelma Murray  runnerup Diana Slater both 18pts. Nearest Pin Bev Shiell. Thursday 18 hole Stableford Comp. Winner Ilona Hansen 36pts and runnerup Jodie Park 35pts