High-scoring games in Seniors

TIED: RSL Tigers and Roadrunners played out a high scoring draw in Senior Baseball over the weekend, finishing 21-21.

TIED: RSL Tigers and Roadrunners played out a high scoring draw in Senior Baseball over the weekend, finishing 21-21.

This weekend's games saw a high-scoring seniors match.

The first softball game saw Road Runners Vs Tigers.

Tigers were in for bat first with Joan Shea, Sharona Dodd and Francine Treloar all having hits to the outfield and all scoring off Tanya Mcintosh's two base hit finishing the innings with a nine run lead.

R/R Rachael Fowler started in the middle pitching to Oliva Dupile, Sam Watson starting their batting with a hit to left, Kirsty Swanson and Rachael Fowler to centrefield seen R/R finish with five across.

The second innings saw Tigers kept scoreless with some nice fielding by Roadies and Roadies scoring two across with another nice hit from sam and Anthea Lorenz, going into the third dig saw Tigers score another three across and Roadies only scoring another two saw Tigers take the close game win 12-9.

Shout out to - Tigers - Shianne Wilson and Sharona Dodd - R/R - Anthea lorenz and Olivia Dupile - Safe Hits- Tigers - J. Shea 2, S. Dodd 4, F. Treloar 3, T. Mcintosh 2, S. Wilson 1, J. Mcintosh 2 - Catches - V. Kisleitza 1 K. Wilson 1 - R/R - K. Reese 1, S. Watson 2, K. Sampson 1, M. Payne 1, R. Fowler 2, A. Lorenz 2, R. Mislov 1, T. Parker 1

The second game saw Indians Vs Eagles

Eagles were into bat first and they scored six across with them calling back Amy VanRoosmalen, Margaret Mcintosh and Danielle Atkinson having some nice hits.

Indians in for their bat saw Bec Andersson, Rachael Warner on with safe hits getting one across.

Eagles scored more runs with errors from the Indians girls.

Maree Ellis had a nice hit to left for Eagles while Indians scored another three across with Courtney Balek and Janaki Mathews getting safe on base but Indians unable to play catch up seen Eagles take the win 14-7.

Shout out to - Eagles - Cassie White & Margaret Mcintosh - Indians - Maddi Welgraven & Bec Andersson - Safe Hits - Eagles - A. VanRoosmalen 2, C. White 1, M. Ellis 1, M.Mcintosh 2, D. Atkinson 2, A.Smith 1 - Catches- A. Vanroosmalen 1 - Indians - S. Cousins 1, B. Andersson 2, R. Warner 2, J. Mathews 1, A. Tremble 1, M. Welgraven 2, K. Gibbs 1, C. Balek 2, J. Gibbs 1 D. Roffey 1 - Catches - R. Warner 1 J. Mathews 1

The Seniors game saw Road Runners Vs Tigers

The game started evenly with both sides scoring across the plate, with some nice fielding by Tigers having the first double play which saw Henry Shea take the ball throwing to second baseman Damien Pietuch who then threw to first Shane Mathews to put out Nik Fosteris.

The seven innings game saw a great range of errors by the both sides along with some nice hitting R/R Scott Preiss and Dave Adams, Tigers Stewart Hood, Jake Looyestyn and Peter Pietuch all connecting with the bat.

Going into the final dig saw Roadies down a player and needing six to take the win, and Tigers wanting to keep the lead seen a great rally by both sides with Roadies fighting hard and getting five across to tie but unable to get that extra run and the game finishing in a high scoring drawn game 21-21.

Shout out to Tigers - Henry Shea and Peter Pietuch - Road Runners - Nik Fosteris and Jackson Scott - Safe Hits - Tigers - D. Pietuch 3, D. Vines 2, S. Stephens 4, S. Hood 1, P. Pietuch 1, J. Looyestyn 2, A. Giumelli 1 - Catches - D. Pietuch 2, S. stephens 1, M. Peters 1, J. Looyestyn 1 - Pitching - K. Daniel 1 K2, D. Vines 4 K2 - Road Runners - S. Preiss 2, D. Adams 1, N. King 1, N. Fosteris 3, A. Storr 2, J. Popovich 1 - Catches - A. Storr 1 D. Adams 1 - Pitching - S. Preiss 3 K2, E. Preiss 1, N. King 6 K2

This week’s games

Saturday U/17s Carnival

9.00am Indians Vs Road Runners  - Umpires - Tigers

10.15am - Tigers Vs Indians - Umpires - R/R

11.30am - R/R Vs Tigers - Umpires Indians

Sunday’s games

9.00am Softball - Eagles Vs Tigers - Umpires Road Runners

10.50am Softball - Indians Vs Road Runners - Umpires Tigers

12.30pm Seniors - Indians Vs Road Runners - Umpires - Tigers