School’s out at Eyre

COMPLETE: The Edward John Eyre High School Class of 2018.
COMPLETE: The Edward John Eyre High School Class of 2018.

Edward John Eyre High School congratulated and farewelled students at their Year 12 celebration. Year 12’s are in preparation for final exams. The school wishes them all the best in their future endeavours. 

SRC President Jorjia Formby delivered her Valedictory speech to all students, families, special guests and staff at graduation: 

“As we graduate today it’s time to commend everyone’s efforts and achievements over the past two years and entire schooling. This is a major step in our journey and we recognise its immense significance.

“We’ll look back on the wonderful memories: school camps, excursions and time spent making hallways that little bit brighter. Some of us will walk out of this building for the last time.

“Your mind will flow with mixed emotions, but most important is the feeling of excitement as we embark on our individual journeys.

“On behalf of the class of 2018, thanks to our school faculty for giving us life skills, pushing us to succeed and driving us to be our best. Without you we would not be the young adults we are today.

“We could not ask for better role models. You’ve made our time enjoyable, taught us we have no limits and that the world is our oyster. Thank you for everything and for being you.

“To all parents and caregivers, this would not be possible without you. It feels like yesterday you dropped us off for our first day of school, now you’re sitting here with pride and joy as we graduate and move on to the next chapter. We hope we’ve done you proud.

“Every end is the start of a new beginning and this is ours. I wish good luck to you all in pursuing your dreams and making the most of your lives.

“As we graduate today, we are embarking on a new journey, so here’s to our success!”