Club crowns consistency pairs victors

Tournament Winners: Bill Geihlich and Malcolm Baird.

Tournament Winners: Bill Geihlich and Malcolm Baird.

The Whyalla Bowls Club has concluded its Consistency Pairs competition, which was open to all social and full members, both male and female.  

After the three minor rounds the team of Terry Robbins and Graham Pycroft were the only thre game winners, and there were a number of teams with two wins, their opponents for the final being Malcolm Baird and Bill Geihlich with the best points difference.

The final was played on Tuesday, October 2, at 1:00pm with both teams aiming to be first to 100points. Points being awarded for the four closest bowls to the jack (ie 4, 3, 2 and 1).

The first end went to the Pycroft / Robbins  combination 6 pts to 4, and they led until the 4th end where it was a 20 all draw.

Ends 6, 7 and 8 were all even, then Geihlich / Baird scored 7 to 3 on the 9th end,.and continued to lead until the 11th end, where a 9 to 1 end saw Pycroft / Robbins leading 57 – 53.

A major turning point was a ten by Geihlich / Baird on the 14th end which saw the score 74 – 66 in their favour, and they maintained a lead until the 18th end when a 7 to 3 result for Pycroft / Robbins pair saw them take the lead 91 – 89.

However a 9 to 1 19th end saw the lead return to Geihlich / Baird 98 – 92, and on the 20th end, a drawn result of 5 each was enough to see the pair of Geihlich / Baird become the competition winners 103 – 97.

Congratulations to Bill Geihlich and Malcolm Baird on their win.

The Monday Night Social Bowls competition will begin its eight-week program on October 22.  

This competition is open to anyone who would like to come and try the game of bowls, in a very social and relaxed atmosphere.

Please contact the club on 86454898 if you would like to enter a four person team or would like to fill in for another team.

Please note that counter teas continue on Friday, October 12, 6:00 – 8:00pm, a free game of bowls included.