Softball, baseball fires up

ROAR: Tigers won a tight scrap with Indians 19-16 in the first Senior Baseball game of the season.
ROAR: Tigers won a tight scrap with Indians 19-16 in the first Senior Baseball game of the season.

Juniors started the season with Road Runners vs Indians. There were some new faces in the Roadies side which saw them score five in the first. Zain Edwards had his first hit and youngster Eli Preiss took the plate for his first game getting on with a walk. Indians’ Reegan Simmonds pitched well with 2 K2's along with nice hits to the outfield, Zach Welgraven also on with a safe hit. Indians fought back in the second to take the win 7-6.

Shout out to - Road Runners - Trey Preiss and Tyson Carrollo - Indians - Zeke Edwards and Montana Tremble - Safe Hits - R/R - Z. Edwards 1 - Pitching - Kaden Gilbert 4 K2s - Indians - R. SImmonds 2, Z. Welgraven 1 M.Tremble 1 - Pitching - R. Smmonds 2 K2's, Cooper Kenyon 2K2's

The first softball game saw Tigers vs Indians. It saw a close start between the two sides with each side crossing the plate with Tigers Joan Shea, Jeanne Mcintosh on with hits, Indians Rachel Warner, Maddi Welgraven and Janaki Mathews all on with hits to the outfield. Errors cost both sides which saw Tigers take a six run lead with Kath Wilson and Francine Treloar’s hit to the outfield, Indians Kiara Gibbs and newcomer to softball Alyssa Tremble both on with hits. Tigers took the win 18-7.

Shout out to - Tigers - Joan Shea and Sharona Dodd

The second game saw Eagles vs Road Runners. Eagles played with a full side to Roadies’ seven - a great game of softball with an upset win to Roadies. Eagles in for bat saw them cross with five hits from Daniele Atkinson and Margaret Mcintosh, Roadies in for bat saw them cross with hits from Sarah Haake and Sam Watson, errors (11) costing more runs throughout the game for Eagles and letting Roadies get 11 runs in the last dig. Some nice batting by Sam Watson and Rachael Fowler saw more runs across the plate and them taking the upset win 25-5.

Shout Out To - Eagles Elizabeth Miller and Cassie White - Roadies - Tammy Fay and Kelly Reese - Safe Hits - Eagles - D. Atkinson 1, M. Mcintosh 1, E. Miller 1 - Catches - S. Atkinson 1, M. Mcnamarra 1 - Roadies - S. Haake 3, K. Reese 1, S. Watson 5, A. Watson 2, R. Fowler 4 T. Fay 3

The first Seniors game saw a seven innings game with Tigers vs Indians. Tigers in first with three runs across with a homerun by Stewart Hood, Indians in and on base with walks and a wild pitch. Brandon Gibbs, Dale Kenyon, Steve Welgraven and Mick Gibbs all on with hits to the outfield getting five across, Tigers were kept scoreless in the second, Indians with another four taking the lead going into the third (9-3), Tigers finally connected with the bat with hits from Sam Lockhart, Daniel Vines, Shane Stephens and Michael Peters along with a few errors from Indians saw 11 cross. Indians Dale Kenyon came into the fourth with home run out to left field. Indians came in for their last bat and saw four errors by Tigers and newcomer Tom Fitzgerald with a two base hit to centre, and Del Roffey with a hit to right field scored five across. Tigers scraped through to take the win 19-16.

Safe Hits - Tigers - S. Hood 3 (1Hr), D. Vines 2, S. Lockhart 2, S. Stephens 2, M. Peters 2, D. Pietuch 2 J. James 1, - Catches - J. James 1, S. Lockhart 1, M.Peters 1 - Pitching - M. Peters 1 K2, S. Hood 3 K2, D. Vines 1 K2 - Indians - B. Gibbs 1, Dale Kenyon 3 (1 K2), S. Welgraven 2, M. Gibbs 4, T. Fitzgerald 2, Damon Kenyon 1, R. Simmonds 1, Del Roffey 1 - Catches- Damon Kenyon 1, Dale Kenyon 1, Mick Gibbs 1, B. Gibbs 1

Sunday Schedule 14/10/18

Juniors - Tigers vs Road Runners (Umpires Indians). Softball - Eagles vs Indians (Umpires R/R). Softball - Tigers vs R/R (Umpires Indians). Seniors - Tigers vs R/R (Umpires Indians).