Disappointment over school’s go-ahead

I was disappointed to hear the announcement last week, by Premier Marshall, that the proposed “Super Secondary School” for Whyalla is to go-ahead.

I had hoped this proposal would have died with the State Election, and that the new Premier would have considered some of the practical disadvantages instead of just the political advantages.

To be talking of reducing our future education ability at this time, when others are talking optimistically of a growth surge for Whyalla, would seem to be a bit premature, particularly when the existing high schools have worked so hard to improve their facilities and surrounds.

To now propose the concentration of all the traffic currently associated with the three dispersed high schools, into the same geographical area as Nicolson Primary School, the Whyalla Special School, the University of South Australia, and the Whyalla TAFE, promises to create a huge bottleneck.

If it is intended to merely provide a simple horseshoe-shaped driveway as a “drop off” point, as was shown in the preliminary design for the earlier proposed “Super School”, it ignores the fact that the problem, as every parent knows, is “pick-up”, not “drop off”.

One has to park for half an hour or more, now, at Nicolson Primary School.

Imagine what Russell Street, Nicolson Avenue and Racecourse Road will be like.

The expenditure of huge amounts of money does not automatically improve the services, for example, the problems encountered at the new RAH.

Rather than mess about with our secondary schools, $100m would be better spent on something Whyalla really needs.

For example, a significantly upgraded TAFE with a wider range of technical trade courses, as well as more technical degree courses at the University of SA (Whyalla Campus), similar to what we had 30 years ago.

This would encourage more of our youth to remain in Whyalla after high school, and hopefully, by then, we will have had significant jobs growth.

Roads and footpaths need a lot of improvement, and no doubt the council would appreciate some help there, rather than jacking up our rates.

Storm water harvesting to help “waterproof” Whyalla, by the provision of dams west of Jenkins Avenue and covered membrane-lined dams at the Wetlands and at the Foreshore, would be another worthwhile project.

At present storm water is merely directed to waste at these locations. The upgrading of existing earthenware sewer pipework to eliminate saltwater ingress would improve both the quantity and quality of recycled effluent water.

An express passenger rail service linking Whyalla with Port Augusta, Port Pirie and Adelaide, (and maybe, also to Port Lincoln), to offset our current exorbitant airfares, would be something else worthwhile to work towards.

Graham Butt, Whyalla

Thank you, Mustafa

We Cher, Sonny and Cindy would like to thank our doctor (vet) for putting the rails on the wall going into his surgery.

We were always frightened mum would fall coming out. Thank you.

Cher, Sonny and Cindy