Lions claim final over Shamrocks

The Tommy Grant Memorial Grand Final was played at Lions Soccer Club recently between Shamrocks and Lions Gold in front of a reasonable crowd of 62 players and supporters.

MATCH 1 (Shamrocks named 1st). Robert Hannaford vs Gordon Worsnop jnr(umpire T.Flannagan snr). Worsnop broke and potted small,then played safe but Hannaford played a superb cut shot into the left middle pocket followed by one more and then snookered his opponent. Worsnop got out of it but was called by the Umpire for touching another ball with his cue after execution of the shot. Hannaford potted two,Worsnop potted one in reply and then Hannaford potted three straight to race to the black whilst his opponent needed four,then three,then missed and Shamrocks were on the board 1-0.

MATCH 2-Warren Macdonald vs Mark Worsnop(ump D.Boothey). Macdonald broke, potted large, and a tactical battle ensued with Worsnop travelling slightly better and eventually he had ground out a 3 ball lead,needing just two plus the black to Macdonald`s five.After another tense period in the game Worsnop was down to the black and it seemed to galvanise his opponent who played three beautiful shots in a row to race back into calculations, but it wasn`t to be and Mark Worsnop drew Lions level at 1-1.

MATCH 3 Graeme Marsland vs Andy Ripley (ump M.Taylor) Ripley broke,potted one of each and nominated smalls,potting one more and making it very difficult for Marsland who had to use a Bridge to get a shot at the one ball he could see,but he managed it. Ripley gave Marsland a half chance which he took brilliantly and then went for game,potting three more and just missing yet another. Marsland cleared the table which had the Lions boys absolutely elated and Shamrocks trailed 1-2.

MATCH 4-Steve Warren vs  Scott Kilpatrick(ump Joe McManus).Warren broke,nothing down,Kilpatrick missed. It was a hard fought match and both players needed three,then someone flicked a switch  and last years player of the year in Warren exploded and he potted four straight to send the Shamrocks boys and their supporters into raptures and it was 2-2.

MATCH 5-Bailey Jones vs Rob Oaten(ump C.Mayes jnr).Oaten broke,nothing down,Jones pots two smalls,Oaten a big,then Jones raced to a five ball lead with some exquisite stroke play. Oaten wasn`t done yet however and played two very good shots,a cut to the right centre pocket followed by a nice run down the left hand side into the bottom left pocket and tried a snooker which made it hard for Jones but the young up and coming champion was equal to the task and potted a beauty to the top right pocket,the black was out in the open and it was good night nurse. Shamrocks were 3-2.

MATCH 6-Donny Boyd vs Joel Bristow (ump B.Johnson)Boyd broke,potted a small followed by another abd a tight battle followed. Both players needed four still. Boyd pots two,Bristow one,Boyd pots two more and the black was(it seemed)at least halfway down the hole with Bristow needing three,then two,then one,but he then missed,Boyd potted out and Shamrocks led 4-2 after the singles.

MATCH 7-1ST DOUBLES-Mick Hannaford/Richard McEvoy vs A.Ripley/M.Worsnop.(ump d.D.Boothey).A cautious approach by both teams was the order of the day and for awhile the balls were awkward. Ripley had a go at separating some of them,McEvoy played a beauty down the right side to nestle in the top pocket. Hannaford did some good things,Worsnop played exceptionally well and was the perfect foil for Ripley who was in a murderous mood by then and he disposed of the required three balls to keep Lions alive—Shamrocks led 4-3.

MATCH 8-2ND DOUBLES-S. Warren/B.Jones vs S.Kilpatrick/J.Bristow.(ump T.Flannagan jnr). Warren broke,nothing down,and Bristow potted three bigs in a row,Jones played a beautiful double to set a ball over a pocket which protected two opponents balls, finally Shamrocks needed three and Lions four,then it was two needed to just the black needed for Lions with Jones to play but he missed a difficult shot and Lions were jubilant and it was now 4-4.

MATCH 9-3RD DOUBLES-D.Boyd/R.Hannaford vs G.Worsnop/Simon Tooby(ump D. Boothey) Hannaford got the Shamrocks moving after Tooby broke and nothing down by potting two large. Tooby played a blinder, Boyd was good also, Bristow is a fine player and it was he who potted the black to give Lions Gold the mightiest victory over a shell shocked Shamrocks team. Julian Simmonds presented the respective shields to the captains-Gordon Worsnop and Steve Warren. Gordon Worsnop snr was absent due to a medical issue.