A Premier visit to Whyalla

HEALTH: Premier Stephen Marshall takes a selfie with Samaritan College students during his visit last Wednesday.
HEALTH: Premier Stephen Marshall takes a selfie with Samaritan College students during his visit last Wednesday.

Steven Marshall made his first official visit to Whyalla as Premier of South Australia, primarily to participate in the Barngarla Native Title Determination.

He also visited Samaritan College to launch the $1 million South Australian Healthy Towns Challenge policy and met with Whyalla Mayor Lyn Breuer to discuss pressing issues in the city.

The following is a run down of Mr Marshall’s visit and the topics he discussed during his time in the steel city.

The proposed combined Whyalla High School

Mr Marshall said his government would follow through on Labor’s plans to create a $100 million new combined high school in Whyalla.

“While we are in Whyalla we are taking further (input) about the idea of combining the three campuses into one,” he said.

“We want what is best for the people of Whyalla and we’ve got to conduct that consultation in a respectful way.”

Future of the Whyalla Steelworks

Mr Marshall praised GFG Alliance Sanjeev Gupta for his investment in the Whyalla Steelworks, saying he could help bring Whyalla into the national spotlight.

“He has very ambitious plans, we’re still (waiting) to see the final details of those plans,” he said.

“The GFG group are working furiously to do the due dillegence on the expansions that they are envisaging.”

Mr Marshall said the Liberal state government would maintain the $50 million made to GFG Alliance under Labor.

First 100 days of government

Looking back on the policies he’s released during his first 100 days in office, Mr Marshall said the one which has had the biggest impact on the regions was the de-centralisation of SA’s health system.

“We’ve established six regional boards and advertised for the chairs of those boards,” he said.

“We want to put regional communities back in charge of their health services because when we speak to people about the services they most need a quality health service is always number one.”

Meeting with Mayor Lyn Breuer

Mayor Lyn Breuer and Council CEO Chris Cowley have had a private meeting with Mr Marshall in Whyalla to outline the issues important to our city.

Issues discussed with the Premier included the importance of developing a deep sea port in Whyalla, the proposed $100m combined high school, a proposal by Council and UniSA for an Innovation Hub in the city, the CIG City plan for a cheap 1 Gigabyte high-speed fibre network and Whyalla’s need for a significant investment in sporting facilities.

“The Premier heard what we had to say and appeared to take it all on board in regards to all the issues,” Ms Breuer said.