Trees damaged by vandals

Whyalla City Council is seeking information regarding the identity of the person or people involved in a series of vandal attacks on trees on George and Jenkins Avenue.

It is thought that the trees have been targeted by wood turners, who have removed valuable burls from the trees. Burls are used to make furniture, veneer, inlays etc.

The cuts on the trees suggest a chainsaw was used.

Whyalla City Council CEO, Chris Cowley said it was very disappointing that someone has damaged what is a public asset.

“These trees belong to the residents of Whyalla. What’s most disturbing is that the damage done to one of the trees was so significant that the tree was in danger of falling, which could have had serious implications had it fallen on someone or onto the road,” said Mr Cowley.

Council staff had to remove the tree, which was 8 metres high.

At least three trees have been vandalised. The matter has been reported to police.

Anyone with information should contact Council on 8640 3444 or Whyalla police.