Painting for epilepsy

Conditions such as epilepsy represent many challenges, detours, and delays. These delays can come in all shapes and sizes, including in diagnosis, treatment and recovery. 

But delays are not permanent, they are road blocks on a larger journey.

This is what local artist Carolyn O’Neill conveyed through her piece Delayed in Transit, which she has donated to Art for Epilepsy 2018.

Her work will be auctioned off online to raise funds in support of those living with epilepsy. The event will help raise awareness for the Epilepsy Action Australia charity.

“As an artist I see this as a great opportunity to donate a painting,” Ms O’Neill said.

“Whilst I don't have a personal experience with epilepsy, I do know people who have been affected by it and the devastating impact it has had on them and their families.”

Delayed in Transit was painted on an oil canvas, and features many layers of paint that were left to dry in between painting sessions. The techniques employed are mostly brush and drip work.

Ms O’Neill said the opportunity to donate her work to Art for Epilepsy was a privilege.

“The fact that my contribution is helping raise funds whilst building awareness is very rewarding,” she said.

Ms O’Neill was first inspired to take art classes after seeing a mural painted by parents at her son’s kindergarten in Melbourne.

“That was back in 2003 and I have been painting ever since,” she said.

“My family and I relocated from Melbourne to Whyalla last year and are enjoying a more relaxed life style.”

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