Warming up to Whyalla

VISIT: German exchange student Theresa Arnoldt studied Year 12 at Edward John Eyre High School.

VISIT: German exchange student Theresa Arnoldt studied Year 12 at Edward John Eyre High School.

The first thing that Theresa Arnoldt noticed when she arrived in Whyalla after traveling from Germany was the heat.

Fortunately it didn’t take her long to warm up to the country.

“I’ve never seen that little rain in my life!” she exclaimed.

“It’s not just the big things that are different, it’s all the little things too like family traditions and the fact that cars drive on the left side of the road. It’s also really small compared to the big city of Berlin.

“But that means its so much easier to know the town. What was amazing for me was having the beach so close to the town, I should have gone there every day.”

Theresa, who is on a Student Exchange program, has been studying Year 12 at Edward John Eyre High School in Term 1. She also studied the second semester of Year 10 at Whyalla High School.

Theresa has achieved great success so far in her time at EJEHS, receiving the Principal’s Award in Term 1 for being ‘very helpful in all classes and dedicated to learning as much as she can’.

So far Theresa says she has enjoyed studying psychology and photography at Eyre High.

“After school I want to have a career in psychology. I had the opportunity to study psychology here in Year 12 which has been really great,” she said.

“At Whyalla High School I started studying photography, which had been one of my hobbies when I came to Australia. We don’t have the opportunity to study something like photography in Germany.”

Theresa has also been a fan of performing arts, not shying away from the spotlight by performing in the Whyalla High School Musical ‘The Little Mermaid’ and the Whyalla uneARTh Festival.

“I met a lot of new people through doing that, it was amazing,” she said of “The Little Mermaid’.

Now Theresa has one week left in Whyalla. She will be heading to Sydney for a week to see the sights before she makes her long return trek to Germany, bidding farewell to her hosts Glen and Kylie Clayton.

“Wherever you are in Whyalla you will meet amazing new people. You always freak out when you go to a new country because you don’t know anyone, but everyone here embraced me,” she said.