Olivia’s Country Art

Local artist Olivia White has stepped up to the plate to create a piece of art that captures all of the key values of  the Country Arts SA Strategic Plan.

Her work represents values of respect, creativity, curiosity, accessibility, collaborations, artists and art-making. It is made up of fragments drawn from topography across regional South Australia.

Each fragment was hand cut and individually-painted by Ms White to symbolise one of the different components of the Strategic Plan.

Ms White said she was ecstatic to have been commissioned by Country Arts SA to create such an important piece of art work for the company.

“It was a big honour, a big surprise, I think I said ‘oh my goodness’ quite a few times. I kept asking them if they were serious,” she said.

Then Ms White set about creating her piece, with the aim of bringing the values of the Strategic Plan together in a cohesive work of art.

“I went on Google Maps and found fragments from all around the state, because Country Arts has offices based around South Australia,” she said.

“I drew them all onto a piece of special paper and then cut them out. There was about two to three days of just cutting with a scalpel and another few weeks painting all the pieces individually.

“After that I made the arrangement by mounting them together. The composition reflects that idea of having a cohesive whole, in the centre it has an artist supported by all of those values.

“Overall I feel like its one of my strongest works.”

The piece is on display at the Middleback Arts Centre on Whyalla, being unveiled at a ceremony on Wednesday night. It will travel to Country Arts SA sites around the state over the coming weeks.

Country Arts SA CEO Steven Saffell said he was ‘absolutely ecstatic’ with Ms White’s work.

“We approached four artists and Olivia’s concept rose to the top. We gave her a brief and she followed that to the letter, we are really thrilled with the outcome,” she said.