Who has the second vote?

VOTE: Find out who all the parties are preferencing in the seat of Giles.
VOTE: Find out who all the parties are preferencing in the seat of Giles.

Each party participating in the State Election has now logged their how-to-vote cards with the SA Electoral Commission, making for an interesting voting experience for the public.

In Giles, each of the parties participating except for SA Best has outlined their preferences for other parties on their how-to-vote cards. SA Best has fielded an open ticket for the seat of Giles.

Below are the preferences for each party.

LABOR: Greens (2), Dignity Party (3), Australian Conservatives (4), Liberal Party (5), and SA Best (6).

LIBERAL: Australian Conservatives (2), Dignity Party (3), Greens (4), SA Best (5), Labor Party (6). 

GREENS: Dignity Party (2), Labor Party (3), Liberal Party (4), SA Best (5), and Australian Conservatives (6).

DIGNITY: SA Best (2), Greens (3), Labor Party (4), Australian Conservatives (5), and Liberal Party (6).

AUSTRALIAN CONSERVATIVES: Liberal Party (2), Labor Party (3), SA Best (4), Dignity Party (5), and Greens (6).

The only clear deal is that the Liberal Party and Australian Conservatives are preferencing one another.

Labor are preferencing the Liberal party ahead of SA Best, while the Liberals are preferencing SA Best ahead of Labor. The Dignity Party are preferencing SA Best ahead of both Labor and Liberal.

Preferences will likely be key to deciding this state election, including which party wins the seat of Giles. 

A Galaxy poll recently conducted for The Advertiser showed that the Liberals have a primary vote of 23 per cent in the seat of Giles, while SA Best have 31 per cent and Labor have 37 per cent.

With Liberals preferencing SA Best ahead of Labor, it may give the SA Best candidate Tom Antonio the edge he needs to win the seat of Giles.

But the sitting Member Eddie Hughes will no doubt be a strong contender, holding a 6 per cent lead in the primary vote over Mr Antonio.

The Galaxy poll published in The Advertiser also revealed that Labor and SA Best are locked 50-50 on a two-party-preferred basis in Giles.

The how-to-vote cards can be found online here: https://www.ecsa.sa.gov.au/voting/how-to-vote-cards.