Pat’s team claims triples competition

The final of the Clubs Competitions for season 2017-18, the Ladies Triples, was held early last Tuesday morning and a very exciting finish to the last of the ladies events with skippers Gai Travers and Pat Hannan taking part.

Gai's team took an early break and after seven ends the score was 7-3 to Gai.

After 11 ends, with the score changing all of the time, scores were level at eight all.  

Pat's team scored one on each of the last three ends with the final score being 11-9. Pat’s team will now compete in the Champ of Champs event at Hawker on February 19.

Pennant games have been badly affected by the hot weather and make up games will be held as soon as the weather cools down.

Over 60s event

Despite the hot weather and early starts a great deal of competitions have been completed.

Congratulations to a team from Whyalla Golf who travelled to Port Pirie to compete in the Overs 60s event for Region 3.

Twenty-four teams from the Upper North and Spencer Gulf took part and the winners were Gai Travers, Wendy Schwerdt, Shirley Row and Ann Buckley.

Champ of Champ Pairs

Gai and Ann then represented Golf in the Champ of Champs Pairs at Hawker.

Results. Round 1 Port Augusta 16 defeated Hawker 10. Round 2 ETSA  5 lost to Pt. Augusta 14. Golf 12 defeated Quorn 4 and the final game saw a very tight competition between Golf and Pt. Augusta with the winners PA 10 Golf  7.