Whyalla softball/baseball report for January 7, 2018.

WIN: RSL Tigers were too strong for Spears over the weekend. Pictured - Tigers Pitcher Katherine Wilson.
WIN: RSL Tigers were too strong for Spears over the weekend. Pictured - Tigers Pitcher Katherine Wilson.

Softball started back for the year with Eagles vs Road Runners.

The Road Runners struggled to find the plate, giving the Eagles an early start with some nice hits by Amy Vanroosmalen, Norma Damon and Danielle Atkinson. Roadies in for their bat saw Louise Wilkins and Kelly Reese with nice hits to right field, but with Eagles already having a good lead, the mercy rule applied and they took the win 23-4. 

Safe Hits – Eagles – Amy Vanroosmalen 4, Norma Damon 3, Leeanne Crosby 3, Judi Kneebone 2, Danielle Atkinson 2, Gloria Colson 1 – Catches – A. Vanroosmalen 1, L. Crosby 1, N. Damon 3 – Road Runners – Louise Wilkins 1, Tammy Faye 1, Kelly Reese 1, Olivia Watson 2, Aimee Watson 1, Rachael Fowler 2, Fiona Norris 1 – Catches – T. Parker 1, S. Watson 2 

The second game saw Tigers vs Spears start as a tight game, with each scoring in the first two innings.

Spears’ Francine Treloar had a nice inside home run, also bringing home Sharona Dodd. Going into the third dig, Tigers scored another five with errors from the Spears. Spears’ Kelly Abdulla, Amber Smith and Kayla Lindsay all had some nice hits to the outfield but were left on base by some nice fielding from the Tigers girls. Even with three errors, they took the win 15 - 5.

Safe Hits - Tigers - Kath Wilson 3, Tanya Mcintosh 3, Shianne Wislon 1, Tanya Connor 2, Roylene Warren 2 Joan Shea 1 - Catches - T. Mcintosh 2, R. Warren 1 - Pitching - K. Wilson 1 K2 - Spears - Sharona Dodd 2, Francine Treloar 1 (HR 1), Kelly Abdulla 1, Kayla Lindsay 1 Amber Smith 1 - Catches - S. Dodd 1, A. Smith 1 - Pitching - F. Treloar 2 K2.

The baseball started the year off with Tigers vs Indians.

Tigers started off with some nice hits by Keith Daniels, Michael Peters and Joan Shea. The Indians had some trouble in the field which saw Tigers score seven across, five of them on errors. Indians in for their bat saw Janaki Mathews out with a nice catch from Damien Pietuch, Willy Gibbs cracker hit to centre, Mick Gibbs, Rowan Mitchell and junior Liam Walden all had safe hits scoring runs across the plate.

The evenly played game saw only three innings. Going into the bottom third, the Indians needed one or more for the win. Willy Gibbs got a two-base hit to right, Mick on second with the overthrow, Steve Welgraven struck out and Rowan Mitchell hit the winning run to bring home Mick Gibbs. Indians took the win 11-10.

Safe Hits – Tigers – K. Daniel 1, H. Shea 3, M. Peters 1, A. Giumelli 1, J. Shea 1, P. Pietuch 1, K. Wilson 1, D. Vines 1 D. Pietuch 1 – Catches – D. Pietcuh 1, P. Pietuch 1 – Pitching – D. Pietuch 1 K2, K. Daniel 1 K2 – Indians – W. Gibbs 3, M. Gibbs 1, R. Mitchell 1, L. Walden 1, Dale Kenyon 1, J. Mathews 1 S. Welgraven 1 – Pitching – M. Gibbs 3 K2.

The A Grade saw them come together with different results and a much easier game.

Tigers were kept scoreless in their first at bat while Indians scored five (with Rowan Mitchell having the only safe hit for the dig). The Tigers then scored two with errors from Indians overthrows. In what was a slow-moving game with only three innings, the Indians gained a good lead after getting another four across, leaving the Tigers needing seven to tie the game. Henry Shea with a two base hit to right field, Brandon Appleton on with a walk, Peter Pietuch and Alex Giumelli both struck out and Jeremy James out from Amy Vanroosmalen’s throw to first saw Indians take the win 9-4.

Safe Hits - Tigers - Henry Shea 1 - Catches - M. Peters 1 - Pitching - Keith Daniel 2 K2 - Indians - Rowan Mitchell 1, Dale Kenyon 1, Tyler Welgraven 1 - Pitching - Brandon Gibbs 6 K2.