Fisher claims competition

A playing field of 22 and several spectators were at the Harp N Shamrocks Club recently for the fortnightly 8-ball competition which is played in the old rules format and is open to players who have played in our old rules competition this year and in the case of having more than the ideal 32 players, preference will go to “in house” players first and foremost.

Qualifying rounds were straight knockout and the Grand Final was best of three games.

Matches went as follows – Neville Collins def Jim Mair, Jordan Boothey def Ged Palmer, Chris Warren def John Fowler, Steve Warren def Chris Mayes (snr), Robert Hannaford def Dwayne Boothey, Terry Young def Leanne Marsland, Warren Macdonald def Graeme Marsland, with byes going to Mick Carr – Reece O`Callaghan – Bob Gray – Bailey Jones – Peter Brooks – Chris Mayes (snr) – Steve Fisher and Jim Taylor.


C.Mayes (jnr) def  R.Hannaford, M.Carr def C.Warren, W.Macdonald def S.Warren


W.Macdonald def C.Mayes (jnr), S.Fisher def T.Young, N.Collins def M.Carr, R.Gray def  B.Jones.


S.Fisher def W.Macdonald, N.Collins def R.Gray.



Fisher broke, potted a small then played safe and Collins did likewise, and it was evident from the start that this was going to be a gripping final with both players in great touch whether potting, just playing safe, or setting balls over pockets to make it hard for their respective opponent.

A clever snooker by Fisher saw Collins play a full length double which brought a generous round of applause, and then straight after played a “howler” and gifted Fisher two shots for the foul.

Fisher was expected to clean up his remaining two plus the black but those old nerves gripped him momentarily and he gave Collins another shot at the black.

Amazingly Collins missed a shot that most present thought he would swallow and this time Fisher took his opportunity and went 1-0 up.

GAME TWO – Collins broke, potting a big plus the white, and from the foul Fisher potted two smalls then fouled himself – Collins potted two bigs from his two shots and then played safe, Fisher was being backed into a corner and he knew it so he played a deliberate foul to gain the cover of the top left pocket and not to be outdone Collins produced a great shot to cover the top right pocket.

This was a really good final, two evenly matched players with both prepared to attack, plus neither was afraid to play deliberate fouls if it meant a really strong advantage was the reward.

Fisher was the player who smashed the balls apart, and when the smoke cleared he was just in front – requiring two smalls whilst Collins wanted three bigs.

Collins was very unlucky to pot two of his three required in the one shot and snooker himself, but he escaped from it in brilliant fashion and for awhile both combatants were content to snooker and counter snooker each other until Collins went in-off and the two shots for the foul saw Fisher pot out and win the competition final 2-0.