Whydale students’ success

September to November saw a large group of talented students from Whydale Calisthenics and Dance attend the Gleneliz Graceful, Solo and Duo Competitions, AVV Millenium Stage Struck Championships, Del Sante Gardens Calisthenics Solo and Duo Competition, Ridgehaven Calisthenics Solo and Duo Competitions and finally CASA Solo and Duo Competitions (State Finals). These dance competitions offers students from Calisthenics the opportunity to perform and compete against other similar age students from around the state.

The competitions consisted of individual and pair events, with the youngest student being 4 years of age. This year’s competitions proved to be extremely successful for Whydale, with the girls receiving high titles. Congratulations to all of these students who performed so beautifully over the course of these competitions. Courtney Holtham, Erin Davis, Amber Kovacic, Indiah Roberts, Maddie Storr, Hannah Mills, Mollie Mills, Amaya Skinner, Brooklyn Howell, Sienna Phillips, Sophia Chidgey, Jasmine Collins, Abby Paterson, Brittany Wegner, Marley Mayes, Emmily Cotterill, Ashleigh Hector, Cadence Chesson. Congratulations to the students who were fortunate enough to receive places at the Competitions.

Emmily Cotterill (taught by Alicia Waugh): Received a 3rd place for Del Sante Gardens in her Solo routine in the 7 years Heat 1 section. Sophia Chidgey: (taught by Natasha Skinner), received a 2nd place for her Graceful at AVV Millenium, plus 1st place for her Solo routine at Destiny Star Regionals and HM for her Solo at Gleneliz. Mollie Mills (taught by Nadine McDonald): received a 3rd place for her Solo routine at the Del Sante Gardens competition in the 7 years Heat 2 section. 

Erin Davis (taught by Julie Peterson): received a 3rd place for her Solo routine at the Gleneliz Competition in the Intermediate section. Sienna Phillips: (taught by Natasha Skinner), received a 2nd place for her Graceful routine at Destiny Star Regionals and 1st place for her Solo. Sienna also received a 3rd place for her Graceful at AVV Millenium.  Brooklyn Howell (taught by Natasha Skinner): received a 1st place for her Graceful routine at AVV Millenium in the 8 Years Section. 

Marley Mayes: (taught by Kristen Brewer): competed in the 8 years Solo section, Division 2 for CASA Solo and received an Honourable Mention (4th place). Marley also received a 2nd place for her duo with Amaya at AVV Millenium. Amaya Skinner: (taught by Kristen Brewer), competed in the 7 Years section for Graceful and Solo at Gleneliz, receiving first place for both items. Amaya also received a 2nd place for her Graceful at AVV Millenium, 2nd place and Honourable Mention (4th place) for her Solo at AVV and 2nd place for her Duo with Marley Mayes. Amaya also received three first places at Destiny Star Regionals, winning her Graceful, Solo and Choreograph your Own Solos. Amaya finished off the year with an equal Highly Commended (5th) in the State Titles for Solo routine. 

Maddie Storr: (taught by Nadine McDonald): competed in the 8 Years Solo section, Division 3 for CASA Solo and received 3rd place.  Abby Paterson (taught by Natasha Skinner): received an HM (4th) in the 11 Years Solo section at AVV Millenium. 

For all students to compete at these events, dedication is a must from both the parent and the child. Along with individual training, the children need to be working in a calisthenics team to qualify to undertake any individual events, therefore they are then required to attend  another 2-3 hours per week for their team training on top of their individual training.These hard working students are working towards their Pupil Skills Examinations, being held in December in Whyalla. Good luck to all Whydale students completing their exams.