Whyalla softball/baseball report for November 12, 2017

RUN: RSL Tigers were unable to out run Indians in A Grade baseball, with Indians winning a close battle 4-3.
RUN: RSL Tigers were unable to out run Indians in A Grade baseball, with Indians winning a close battle 4-3.

Both Sunday softball games saw comeback winnings in their last innings. The day started with Tigers vs Road Runners.

Tigers started the batting with two runs across due to errorsand a hit to Tanya Connor. Roadies Aimee Watson had a hit to the left, but wasn’t able to score until the third dig.

Tigers had another five across with some nice hits by Nikita Charlton, Jeanne Mcintosh, and Joan Shea to take a good lead. Errors in the third saw the Roadies fight back with 10 crossing the plate. Some nice hits by Sam Watson, Rachael Fowler and newcomer Tracey Parker saw them take the win 11-10.

Safe Hits - Tigers - N. Charlton 1, J. Mcintosh 2, C. Broadbent 1, R. Warren 1, T. Connor 1, J. Shea 1 T. Mcintosh 1 - Catches - V. Kiselitza 1 - Road Runners - A. Watson 3, S. Watson 2, R. Fowler 1, T. Parker 3, O. Watson 1 T. Faye 2 - Catches - S. Watson 1, R. Fowler 1. 

The second game saw the Spears vs Tigers. Indians kept the short-sided Spears to two runs in the first and second innings with some nice hits from Sharona Dodd, Francine Treloar, Tineale Colson and Amber Smith.

Going into the second, hits from Indians’ Bec Andersson, Maddison Welgraven, Janette Gibbs and Leonie Taylor saw them get six runs across and another seven in the third to take the lead.

Spears Amber Smith had two infield home runs and errors, which cost Indians the lead and saw them take the win 15-13. Shout out to Indians’ Maddison Welgraven on her first game catching.

Safe Hits - Indians - B. Andersson 2, M. Welgraven 2, S. Cousins 1, J. Mathews 2, K. Welgraven 2, J. Gibbs 1, L. Taylor 2 K. Gibbs 1 - Catches - S. Cousins 3 - Spears - K. Abdulla 1, S. Dodd 3, T. Colson 2, F. Treloar 4, A. Smith 3, S. Taylor 1 N. Taylor 3 - Catches - F. Treloar 1, A. Smith 1, N. Taylor 1.

The first Baseball saw the Reserves Indians vs Tigers. Tigers started the game with three across with hits from Daniel Vines, Shane Stephens and Henry Shea. The Indians got one across with a hit from Mick Gibbs.

It was a big second inning, with runs crossing the plate due to errors to home runs. Tigers’ Sam Lockhart did well on the mound with two K2's Shane and Henry having more safe hits.

Indians Jackson Simmonds, Janaki Mathews and Mick Gibbs had home run. It was a close game going into the third innings with Tigers’ Henry and Brandon Appleton scoring another four.

Indians player Steven Welgraven had a nice hit to centre, while Jackson’s two-base to left only got two more across and Tigers took the win 12-9. Shout out to Indians Reegan Simmonds for his first game in B Grade.

Safe Hits - Tigers - S. Lockhart 2, D. Vines 1, S. Stephens 3, M. Peters 3, B. Appleton 1, H. Shea 3 - Catches - H. Shea 1 - Pitching - S. Lockhart - 2 K2, D. Vines 3 K2 - Indians - J. Mathews 1, M. Gibbs 3 (1 HR), S. Welgraven 1, J. SImmonds 2 - Pitching - M. Gibbs 2 K2.

The A Grade saw a closer game. Tigers started batting with hits from Stuart Hood, Shane Stephens and Mick Peters. Two errors from the Indians saw three runs cross. Going into bat, Tyler Welgraven and dad Steven got safe hits and three runs across. Some nice pitching by Indians Damon Kenyon helped them keep Tigers at that score for the game with Indians Lachlan Blayney scoring off the hit from Amy Vanroosmalen and taking the lead and the win 4-3.

Safe Hits - Tigers - S. Hood 1, S. Stephens 1, M. Peters 1 B. Appleton 1 - Catches - S. Lockahart 1, B. Appleton 1 S. Hood 1 - Pitching - K. Daniel 2 K2. - Indians - A. Vanroosmalen 1, T. Welgraven 1, S. Welgraven 1 - Pitching - Damon Kenyon 5 K2. 

Sunday 19th November: 9.00am (Juniors) Indians vs Road Runners, Umpires - Tigers; 10.50am (Softball) Tigers vs Spears, Umpires - Road Runners; 12.30pm (Softball) Eagles vs Road Runners, Umpires - Spears; 2.10pm (B Grade Baseball) Indians vs Road Runners, Umpires Tigers; 3.50pm (A Grade) Indians vs Road Runners, Umpires - Tigers.