Photo group holds annual meeting

October saw the Photography Group’s AGM come around, a reminder that the end of year is approaching. Several new members have joined the committee, so we look forward to any new ideas they may bring. We thank the outgoing committee people for their hard work and contribution over the past few years. Members enjoyed sharing and viewing some of their work at the practical night. The idea was to see how far we have come by reviewing some of our newest images, compared to those we took when we first got our cameras. 

October competition

“Open” section

First The Landing – Betty Nottle

Second More than a Mouthful – Maggie Roberts-Duffy

Third Hairy Critter – Jeffrey Venning

“Framed” section

First Give Us a Kiss – Karen Bilney

Second Garden Gate – Betty Nottle

Third Bottoms Up – Jenny Gordon

September competition results

“Open” section

First Gone Fishing – Maggie Roberts-Duffy

Second Desert Country – Leonie Hall

Third Foggy Morning – Karen Bilney

Merits Dead Trees in Lake – Annette Kirby

Pentecost Dreaming – Dave Jaensch

“Critters” section

First Ant and Cockroach – Jeffrey Venning

Second Lunch – Betty Nottle

Third Homemakers – Betty Nottle

Merits Hi There – Paul Holmes

Morning Tea – Annette Kirby