Lavers in fantastic form

Saville 2 rubbers 3 sets 54 games lost to Lavers 7 rubbers 10 sets 83 games

After two weeks of being washed out, the rain decided to stay away for Round 4 of the 2017-18 Summer Tennis Season with ideal warm weather being enjoyed by the players.

Lavers continued their unbeaten start to the season producing the goods to defeat last season’s premiers.

Doubles was the first order of the night; and in what turned out to be the match of the night going for more than two hours, top Saville pair Matt Wauchope and Joey Webster accounted for Lavers pair Andrew Smoker and David Green 5-7 6-4 7-6 (10-5).

Momentum swung back and forth during this match, with all four players giving their all.

Next was Lavers getting on the board with Andre Sarret and Greg Vlachoulis triumphing over Andrew Gray and Jacob Blackwell 6-2 7-6 (7-0).

Sarret and Vlachoulis look menacing together this year, they will be hard to stop.

In the final doubles match, Lavers pairing Andrew Anninos and Sam Custance had a relatively comfortable victory against Spencer Williams Tayla Anninos.

Anninos and Custance had an effective game plan and they stuck to it winning 6-2 6-3.

Singles was next and first to do battle was Matt Wauchope and Andrew Smoker.

“Lavers continued their unbeaten start to the season producing the goods to defeat last season’s premiers.”

These two blokes are absolute machines and the quality of tennis was just outstanding.

Smoker did his Lavers proud producing an excellent display to win 7-3.

Lavers Andre Sarret had a hard-fought win over Andrew Gray 7-4.

Sarret continues his undefeated streak this season and will be well pleased with his efforts so far.

Another Lavers player who is still undefeated this year is Greg Vlachoulis who defeated Jacob Blackwell 7-2.

Vlachoulis, whose fitness is his greatest asset, just got every shot back and was somewhat of a brick wall which frustrated Blackwell and led to errors from the Saville skippers racquet.

Lavers Andrew Anninos picked up his 1st singles rubber victory of the year getting over Spencer Williams 7-3.

Long rallies were plentiful here, but Anninos, which he does so well, kept the errors down to claim victory.

Finally, Sam Custance held his composure for Lavers to hold on against Tayla Anninos 7-4.

Anninos should hold her head high as her performance was of high quality and she made Custance use all his ability to get the win.