Whyalla Softball/Baseball results for 5/11/17

DRAW: The A Grade clash between Tigers and Road Runners ended in a tie, with both teams scoring three runs.
DRAW: The A Grade clash between Tigers and Road Runners ended in a tie, with both teams scoring three runs.

The weather was fine for Sunday’s baseball and softball games, with Juniors starting the day.

JUNIORS: Tigers vs Road Runners

Tigers vs Road Runners saw both sides fielding full sides and with some great plays by the new players seen them 7-7 at the bottom of the second.

Roadies Aimee Watson and Caleb Scott having lovely hits to the outfield, while Tigers pitcher Graham ‘Buddy’ Hands doing well again on the mound and Blake Brougham on with a safe hit.

Going into the third dig, Roadies needed one across to tie and keep their chances alive with Ewan Preiss’ cracker out to right field getting Lachlan Luvisi home.

Some great pitching by Graham just saw them tie the game.

Tigers in for their last bat, needing just the one run to take the win.

Jayden Larsen hit too short which scored Graham and Tigers taking the win 9-8 

Safe Hits – Road Runners – A. Watson 1, L. Luvisi 1. C. Scott 1, E. Preiss 1 – Catches – C. Scott 1 – Pitching – JJ Scott 2 K2, C. Scott 4 K2 – Tigers – Blake Brougham 2, G. ‘Buddy’ Hands 1, J. Larson 1 – Catches – Pitching – G. Hands 6 K2

Final score: Tigers def Road Runners 9-8

SOFTBALL: Eagles vs Tigers

The first softball game saw Eagles vs Tigers. 

Eagles in for their bat first, scoring three across with some nice hits by Norma Damon and Amy Vanroosmalen.

Tigers were unable to score until the second inning, with just the one with the hit from Katherine Wilson.

The Eagles had a hit fest in the second, getting 11 across the plate to take a demanding lead which Tigers couldn’t pull back from.

This only saw the Eagles score more and they took the win 15-2.

Safe Hits – Eagles – N. Damon 3, A. Vanroosmalen 3, M. Plumber (with an inside home run) 2, D. Atkinson 2, G. Colson 1, M. Mcintosh 2, J. Kneebone 1, S. Colson 1 J. Narrier 1 – Catches – D. Atkinson 1, M. Plummer 1, J. Narrier 1 A. Vanroosmalen 1 – Pitching – M. Mcintosh 1 K2 – Tigers – J. Vines 1, K. Wilson 2, V. Kiselitza 1, R. Warren 1 – Catches – V. Kiselitza 1, J. Shea 1, S. Wilson 1.

Final score: Eagles def Tigers 15-2

SOFTBALL: Indians vs Road Runners

The second game saw Indians vs Road Runners.

Roadies in first but some nice catching by Indians Kiara Gibbs, Shelley Cousins and Janaki Mathews left them unable to score.

Indians started their runs across the plate with errors which seen them get two across.

The game was fairly even until the last dig where some nice hits from Roadies Sarah Hoake, Aimee Watson and Louise Wilkins seen them get four across and take the lead.

Indians needed to play catch up but gained only one safe hit from Bec Andersson, and with Roadies struggling in the circle, Indians scored seven to take the win 9-7.

Safe Hits: Road Runners - O. Watson 2, S. Hoake 1, A. Watson 1, L. Wilkins 1 - Catches - R. Fowler 1 O. Watson 1 - Pitching - O. Watson 1 K2 - Indians - B. Andersson 1 - Catches - J. Mathews 1, S. Cousins 1, K. Gibbs 1.

Final score: Indians def Road Runners 9-7

B GRADE BASEBALL: Road Runners vs Tigers

The first baseball game saw Road Runners vs Tigers in the B grade. Both sides starting off well, with Roadies getting a run across to Tigers nil.

The second innings saw both sides score from errors. Some nice batting by both sides saw hits from Roadies Steven Kinnear, Nik Fosteris and Devon Devlin to bring three across.

The Tigers’ Shane Stephens (who did well trying to stop the over throws), Daniel Vines and Sam Lockhart all had safe hits which got three across the plate.

Errors from the Tigers left them unable to catch up and Roadies took the win 6-3.

The Eagles had a hit fest in the second, getting 11 across the plate to take a demanding lead which Tigers couldn’t pull back from.

Safe Hits – Road Runners – S. Kinnear 2, N. Fosteris 1, D. Devlin 1, j. Scott 1, A. Edwards 1 – Catches – C. Luvisi 3 – Pitching – E. Preiss 1 K2, T. Wheeler 2 K2 – Tigers – D. Vines 1, P. Pietuch 2, K. Daniel 1, S. Stephens 1, S. Lockhart 2 – Catches – S. Lockhart 1, H. Shea 2, J. Shea 1, P. Pietuch 1.

Final score: Road Runners def Tigers 6-3

A GRADE BASEBALL: Tigers vs Road Runners

The A Grade saw them come together again with both sides scoreless in the first inning, and Tigers leaving the bases full.

Roadies got one across with a nice hit from Anthony Edwards scoring off Devon Devlin’s hit.

In what seemed like a slow-moving game, it was the pitchers doing the hard yard to keep the runs to a minimum with Tigers still scoreless going into the fourth.

Michael Peters got home off a hit from Peter Pietuch. Going into the fifth, the Roadies still had a two-run lead. Both pitchers (Roadies’ Nathan King and Tigers’ Daniel Vines) had a great time on the mound, but some nice hits by Daniel Vines and Damien Pietuch brought Sam Lockhart home (on with error) and the game finished in a tie 3-3.

Safe Hits - Road Runners - A. Edwards 1, D. Devlin 1, N. King 1, L. Gould 1 - Catches - D. Adams (nice catch out in left field) 1, D. Devlin 1 - Pitching - N. King 10 K2's - Tigers - P. Pietuch 1, M. Peters 1, D. Pietuch 1 D. Vines - Cacthes - B. Appleton 1, H. Shea 1, K. Daniels 1 - Pitching - D. Vines 7 K2's. 

Final score: Tigers tied with Road Runners 3-3