Wilson Park upgrade continues

UPGRADE: Trenches are being dug to lay new irrigation pipes in Wilson Park.

UPGRADE: Trenches are being dug to lay new irrigation pipes in Wilson Park.

Whyalla Cit Council work crews have started on a project to make another section of Wilson Park green and friendly for residents and visitors.

Irrigation is currently being laid at the section of the park next to the playground and the newly constructive surface for two tennis courts and one basketball court.

A series of sprinklers will be run off the main line being installed to look after new grass.

All the brown dirt areas currently surrounding the playground will be grassed green so that families can enjoy the area and be near where the kids can also enjoy the playground.

The water to be used on the grass will be potable (safe to drink) with recycled water only used on the outer edges of the park and safeguards put in place to avoid cross contamination.

“I love the idea, I think it’s great,” Acting Parks and Open Spaces Supervisor David Carpenter said.

“The amount of people that use this playground is growing and it will be fantastic to have grass all the way around so they can put a blanket down, have a picnic and be right next to where their kids can have fun on the play equipment.”

Council will also be installing extra tables and chairs in the area. This is all part of an extensive Wilson Park upgrade.

The asphalt for two new tennis courts and a basketball court has been laid and will soon be surface sprayed with fences and lights installed.

The rock feature next to the courts will make way for seating in a mini amphitheatre-type setting.

A pathway will go the whole way around the park area and there will be some grass towards the town end of the park area which will run up to the planned skate park due to be constructed next year.