Kiara rewarded for her dedication

SELFLESS: Memorial Oval Primary School student Kiara Van Dijk with her teacher Nadine Schofield.
SELFLESS: Memorial Oval Primary School student Kiara Van Dijk with her teacher Nadine Schofield.

Memorial Oval Primary School student Kiara Van Dijk recently received a Children’s Week award in recognition of her selfless dedication to helping others.

The Minister for Education Child and Development Award was recently presented to Kiara at a special ceremony in Adelaide.

“It felt pretty cool to be recognised by everyone. It was a big surprise for me,” she said.

Kiara has been very active in the community, last year she organised non-perishable goods to be given out to those who could not afford food for Christmas.

She ended up collecting enough food from classmates to put together five Christmas hampers which were donated to local families in need.

“Last year a lot of kids were leaving because their parents had lost their jobs. My family were getting a lot for Christmas while their families were getting nothing,” Kiara said.

“So I decided to give some food away.”

Her teacher Nadine Schofield described Kiara as a quiet student that’s very active in the school community.

Kiara’s is a Student Leader at MOPS, organising a variety of activities in collaboration with teachers. One of those was a Halloween Disco which raised money for the Year 7 Graduation.

“I nominated Kiara because we had a discussion about what she gets up to in her private life in regards to her charity work,” she said.

Kiara is now planning to chop off part of her hair and donate it to Variety SA, where it will be transformed into a wig for children who have lost their hair through chemotherapy.

“A lot of kids don’t have hair to grow older with, that’s why I decided to make a wig for them,” she said.

In more positive news for Memorial Oval Primary School, teaching trio Mel Cabban, Amber Cabban and Caitlin Lean also accepted their award for Outstanding and Consistent Contribution to the Needs, Interests and Welfare of Children.

The teachers recently implemented a 45-minute session for students to learn from play, which has had a positive impact on their learning and has helped lower anxiety levels.