Whyalla Softball/Baseball roundup for October 29

Sunday’s softball and baseball games started with the Juniors Indians vs Road Runners.

WINDY: Indians took the win against Road Runners in A Grade Baseball as wind wreaked havoc on the field.

WINDY: Indians took the win against Road Runners in A Grade Baseball as wind wreaked havoc on the field.

Indians started the day short with only eight, unable to connect with the bat.

Roadies got seven across in the first and five in the second, taking a good lead with runs scoring across on the walks.

Ewan Preiss and Caleb Scott did well in the middle, along with newcomer Deklyn Corollo who played well for his first game.

Indians newcomer Montana Tremble on first with a walk in the third. Tristan Lambert also came on with a walk, while Zac Welgraven struck out, Reegan Simmonds loaded the bases and Cooper Kenyon’s nice hit to right field brought in two runs.

Alyssa Tremble brought another run with a nice hit to left, while Mitchell Porteous (who did well to catch in wind) on with a walk. Even with the runs home, the Roadies took the win 12-3. 

Safe Hits – Indians – C. Kenyon 1, A. Tremble 1 – Pitching – R. Simmonds 1 K2 - R/R – No Hits – Pitching – E. Preiss 2 K2, C. Scott 4 K2. 

The first softball game saw the Spears vs Road Runners.

Spears batted first with Kelly Abdullah got a safe hit but out at home.

Sharona Dodd scored on a pass ball seeing them get one in the first.

Road Runners Kelly Reece struck out, Rachael Fowler achieved a hit left, Louise Wilkins struck out and Sam Watson flew out to end the scoreless innings.

In the second, Spears got eight across to take the lead, while the Roadies fought back with two.

Roadies pitcher Fiona Norris got a tough hit in the leg to leave the game. With the wind causing all sorts of trouble for both sides seen Spears take win 12-3.

Safe Hits – Spears – K. Abdulla 1, M. Mcnamarra 1, D. Gibson 2, N. Taylor 2, T. Colson 2, F. Treloar 1, A. Smith 1 – Catches – A. Smith 1 – Pitching – F. Treloar 4 K2’s – R/R – R. Fowler 2, - Catches- S. Watson 1, R. Mislov 1- Pitching – F. Norris 2 K2, R. Fowler 1 K2.

The second game seen Eagles vs Indians. The Eagles won 24-2.

Safe Hits – Eagles – J. Narrier 2, G. Colson 4, A. Cansroosmalen 4, M. Mcintosh 2, D. Atkinson 2, N. Damon 2 – Catches – A. Vanroosmaen 1, J. Narrier 2 – Indians J. Gibbs 1 – Catches – J. Mathews 1, D. Sullivan 1, K. Gibbs 1 – Pitching K. Welgraven 2 K2. 

The B Grade saw Indians vs Road Runners. The game played out in windy conditions, with Indians struggling to for the whole game, only getting one run across.

Roadies maintained the lead in the first, then another eight in the second which saw one safe hit. Some nice pitching by Roadies Ewan Preiss saw him pitch the whole two innings even getting two K2’s.

Indians Willy Gibbs, Steven Welgraven and Lachlan Blayney achieved safe hits but were unable to cross home plate. The Roadies took the win 11-1.

Safe Hits – Roadies – N. King 1 – Catches- F. Reynolds – Pitching – E. Preiss 2 K2 – Indians – S. Welgraven 1, W. Gibbs 1, B. Gibbs 1 – Pitching – W. Gibbs 3 K2, B. Gibbs 1 K2 

The A grade saw them come together again with the wind still playing havoc for everyone.

The Indians scored three across in the first to Roadies one.

Going into the third saw the first three batters strike out by Scott Preiss.

In the bottom of the third, Roadies’ Scott was on with a safe hit, Mathew Jarvis on with a walk, Jarod Popovich out at first and Dave Adams flew out to Amy at second to end the innings.

Going into the fourth, the Indians scored another two with hits from Damon Kenyon and Dale Kenyon. Roadies played catch up, almost tying the game with three across, but were left stranded with loaded bases and Indians took the win 5-4.

Safe Hits – L. Blayney 1, B. Gibbs 1, Dale Kenyon 1 Damon Kenyon 1 - Catches - Dale Kenyon 1, Amy Vansroosmalen 2 – Pitching – B. Gibbs 4 – Roadies – N. King 1, S. Preiss 2 – Pitching – S. Preiss 4 K2.