Val wins top trophy

Well it had to come! That is the finale of the winter season for golf ladies.

Tuesday being the last day, we golfers were again lucky re the weather!

A forecast of 33C made some of us shudder, however, heavy cloud cover was all the respite needed for very enjoyable conditions.

A draw was made for the programmed Irish stableford with ladies teeing off the first, third and fifth.

It was a fun game yet held much interest with all three results over the first three holes, the best two on the next three and the best one on the last three counted to determine a result.

Many fantastic scores were presented on the day with the winners team (four) including Margaret Lewis, Maree Farr, Helma Bambridge and Diana Slater on 41 stableford points on a countback from Annette Cotter, Audrey Discombe and Michelle Hart.

Not far behind was the team of Thelma Murray, Margaret Dunn and Heather Prosser who scored 40 points.

The last group mentioned must create some sort of record in the club with their average age being 85. Well played, ladies!

A short AGM was conducted after the morning’s play with the most notable alteration to the present set-up being groups of three will now be official not groups of four.

A scrumptious lunch was on hand for ladies to enjoy and compliments must go to all for their culinary skills.

Superb - as usual would be a fitting description.

Helma Bambridge is to be congratulated on her handling of catering within the club. A job well done!

It was great to have Maureen Heading, Jenny Custance and Carmel Dickeson attend, all being past stalwarts of the club.

Maureen Heading brought back some nostalgia for she had with her an ice cream scoop with an extended handle that was used for scraping out the holes on the old black scrapes.

They were the days when one had to rake a path from where the ball had finished on the scrape over the hole then smooth over back to the ball.

Naturally, the hole would fill with black oily grit.

Aren’t we all glad those days are long gone.

A quiz was then held with brains having to go into overdrive for the questions were tricky to say the least.

Thereafter a fines session was held with all misdemeanours during the season brought out into the open, and let me say ‘some mothers do have them’.

It was a lot of fun though.

The trophy presentation then commenced with the outgoing captain Glenda Davies doing the honours along with 2017/18 captain Leonie Kellaway. Several of our ladies had sensational golf seasons with Val Callaghan, Jacqueline Kerr and Diana Slater heading the list.

There is nothing better than a good laugh!

The trophy presentation then commenced with the outgoing captain Glenda Davies doing the honours along with 2017/18 captain Leonie Kellaway.

Several of our ladies had sensational golf seasons with Val Callaghan, Jacqueline Kerr and Diana Slater heading the list.

The winter season trophy list is as follows:

Foursome Championship Winners Div I: Jean Brown and Val Callaghan

Foursome Championship R/up Div I: Di Thorpe and Glenda Davies

Foursome Championship Winners Div II: Michelle Hart and Maree Farr

Foursome Championship R/up Div II: Robyn Phillis and Jacquie Kerr

6 Best Off Stick Div I: Val Callaghan

6 Best Off Stick Div II: Jacquie Kerr

6 Best Off Stick H/c Div I: Diana Slater, c/b V Callaghan

6 Best Off Stick H/c Div II: Jacquie Kerr

Clayton’s Most Consistent: Val Callaghan

Chemmart Winner Div I: Val Callaghan, c/b D Slater

Chemmart R/up Div I: Diana Slater

Chemmart Winner Div II: Michelle Hart

Chemmart R/up Div II: Glenda Clayton

Turkey Gobbler (chip-ins): Diana Slater

Club Championship

Club Champion: Val Callaghan

B Grade Champion: Johanna Gogan

C Grade Champion: Jacquie Kerr

A Grade R/up: Jean Brown

B Grade R/up: Diana Slater

C Grade R/up: Audrey Discombe

(all Club Championship and R/up trophies were donated by William MacAllen)

Beverley Monaghan Memorial Trophy: Johanna Gogan, c/b Colleen Howell

Peter Calliss First National Cup: Diana Slater

Peter Calliss First National Div I: Val Callaghan

Peter Calliss First National Div II: Audrey Discombe

Most Reduced Handicap (A Discombe Trophy): Michelle Hart, Marge Nicholls (6)

Grandmother’s Trophy (V Mestrov Trophy): Diana Slater, c/b Val Callaghan

Captain’s Trophy (best six stableford): Glenda Clayton

International Bowl Silver (badge): Val Callaghan

International Bowl Bronze (badge): Audrey Discombe

(Audrey was runner-up in state)

Shylie Rymill Foursomes: Val Callaghan and Maree Farr

Final of Monthly Medal Div I: Val Callaghan

Final of Monthly Medal Div II: Jacquie Kerr

Whyalla Women’s Match Play Winner: Val Callaghan

Whyalla Women’s Match Play R/up: Marge Nicholls

Two-day Eclectic Winner Div I: Val Callaghan

Two-day Eclectic Winner Div II: Robyn Phillis

18-hole H/cap Foursomes Winners (donor Brian Cotter Ins): Jean Brown and Robyn Phillis

18-hole H/cap Foursomes R/up: Michelle Hart and Maree Farr

Eclectic Winner Div I: Jacquie Kerr

Eclectic Winner Div II: Robyn Phillis

Pat O’Brien Match Play Winner: Dianne Thorpe

Pat O’Brien Match Play R/up: Jacquie Kerr

(donors Colin and Moira Dawson)

A thank you to our outgoing captain Glenda Davies and her committee for services rendered, to Maree and Jacquie who served ladies with refreshments and Marge Nicholls for supplying trophy cards that were eloquently made also for her computer work re weekly results etc on a very reliable basis.

When the list went up for we golfers to indicate a preference re a trophy or voucher I jokingly wrote ‘a car’.

On winning the Captain’s Trophy imagine my surprise to receive along with the trophy a sleek silver car - a Ferrari sports model.

A toy but I am smitten!

I just love people with a sense of humour!

This is possibly my last summary of women’s golf for the year, Marge Nicholls will submit our summer golf results.

I thank these readers who have given me the encouragement and desire to keep keeping on.

Last but not least the golf club wishes to acknowledge the contribution made by our local trader in William MacAllen who has donated trophies for our ladies championship event for many years.

It does not stop at one trophy but three grades plus runners-up.

A wonderful example of generosity indeed!

William will be moving from Whyalla in the near future and we wish him all the very best that life has to offer and thank him sincerely for all past donations.

A truly ‘good’ guy!



First day of the summer season was played on Thursday, October 26. 

Winner 9-hole Stroke – Marge Nicholls nett 37 c/b, Beverley Shiell, Jean Brown, Margaret Lewis all 37, Annette Cotter 40   

Nearest Pin Annette Cotter 

Lucky Ball Jean Brown

Turkey M.Nicholls 16th

Winner 18-hole stroke – Colleen Howell 74, Michelle Hart 75, Maree Farr 78

Nearest Pin Maree Far

Turkey M.Farr 13th


Friday, October 27 – 12 players 

Winner Allan Slater 23pts

Runner-up Murray Peters 19pts

Third Josh Coppins 17pts

Nearest to the pin 7th Di Slater

Encouragement award Ray Curnow 12pts

Mystery pairs  Allan Slater and Darryl Kerr subtraction

Lucky Draw  Di Slater and Murray Peters

Don't forget twilight golf is open to all players 4.30 to 5.00 hit-off followed by supper. Lots of vouchers to win from our many great sponsors.