Eyre’s special celebration | PHOTOS

Edward John Eyre High School students recently marked the end of their 13 years of schooling with a special celebration night.

Many awards were presented on the night, including outstanding attendance and academic achievement, while workshop groups were given certificates.

Student Representative Alicia Renton said students took it upon themselves to transform the celebration night from an assembly to an evening event.

“The students said they wanted something like a function that would have a long-lasting effect on us. We brought it up at the Governing Council meeting and fortunately that got approved,” she said.

“I think it’s important that our parents and peers are involved in these kind of things because they did drive the last 13 years of schooling for us.”

After school Alicia will be moving to Adelaide, and hopes to study Media and Communications at university or find work with the government.

Senior School Coordinator Jarrad Lee said the event was a ‘really good night’.

“It was the last chance for the students to be together as a cohort, it went really well,” he said.

“Students came to us at the end of last term asking for a bit more of a formal function to celebrate what they believe was a good year for them.

“We saw it that way as well.”

Mr Lee said the inclusion of parents in the event was well received.

“Parents play a crucial role in supporting everything we do at the school, and they have been there for the last 13 years,” he said.

“All the way from the morning drop offs when the students are in primary school to supporting them with all the stress involved in Year 12.

“It was awesome for them to be a part of the night.”

Mr Lee said he was proud of how the students had progressed in high school.

“We only get them for two years but the amount of growth we see in students over that two years is pretty significant,” he said.

“The level of work required at Year 11 and 12 can be a little more demanding, and to see the students succeed at that is very rewarding for us as teachers.”