Softball/Baseball roundup for October 22

Sunday’s games saw the Juniors play with rain and the softball in sunshine.

Indians came up against Tigers, who had six new players for the year.

The Indians were in first, with seven across saw them struggle with some positions.

Batter Mathew Barber had a cracker hit to right field scoring two across, which saw them finish with five across.

Indians pitcher Cooper Kenyon did well on the mound, pitching to Mitchell Porteous for his first game of the season. Indians scored one more across in the second inning, but the Tigers scored another four to take the win.

Tigers youngster Graham Hands pitched well for his first game.

Safe Hits – Indians Cooper Kenyon 1, Liam Walden 1 – Pitching – C. Kenyon 4 K2’s – Tigers – Mathew Barber 1, H. Jarvis Sheehan 1, B. Brougham 1 R. Taylor 1 – Catches – H. Jarvis- Sheehan 1 – Pitching – G. Hands 1 K2. 

The first softball game saw Indians vs Tigers.

Indians into bat first with one across.

Kiara Gibbs had a lovely hit to left field, while Tigers players, Jess Vines and Kath Wilson, started their runs with three across.

Going into the second innings the Indians had some errors, allowing the Tigers to score 12 across.

Tigers got another six in the third with some nice hitting by Carla Broadbent, Jeanne Mcintosh.

Indians only scored another four, and with Tigers having the lead seen them take the win 21-5.

Safe Hits - Indians - K. Gibbs 1, L. Taylor 1, B. Andersson 1, K. Welgraven 1 - Catches - K. Gibbs 1 S. Cousins 1 - Pitching - K. Wegraven 1 K2 - Tigers - J. Vines 3, K. Wilson 3, C. Broadbent 3, J. Mcintosh 4, R. Warren 2, T. Mcintosh 1, J. Shea 1 S. Wilson 1 - Catches - S. Wilson 1 - Pitching - J. Mcintosh 1 K2

The second game saw Spears take on the Eagles in what started out as a close game with over five errors each.

Some nice batting by Spears players Kelly Abdullah and Francine Treloar saw them get three runs across.

Eagles Joanne Narrier and Danielle Atkinson had safe hits, getting eight runs across. Danielle did particularly well catching during this game. 

The Spears played catch up in the final dig, but some nice fielding by Eagles saw them take the win 9-4.

Safe Hits - Spears - K. Abdullah 1, F. Treloar 1, N. Taylor 1, S. Dodd 1, A. Smith 1 - Catches- A. Smith 2 - Pitching - F. Treloar 2 K2's - Eagles - M. Mcintosh 1, M. Plummer 1, J. Narrier 1, D. Atkinson 1, A. Vanrossmalen 1, J. Kneebone 1, G. Colson 1 N. Damob 1 - Catches - J. Narrier 3 - Pitching - M. Mcintosh 2 K2.

The Reserves Baseball seen Indians vs Tigers.

The Indians started their time at bat with a scoreless innings.

Tigers scored two across, and another four in the second with some nice hitting by Jeremy James and Michael Peters.

Indians Dale Kenyon starting their runs across with a nice two-base hit to left field bringing two runs in.

Indians got another two in the third from hits off Steven Welgraven and Dale Kenyon to make the game interesting. In the end the Tigers were too strong, winning 10-5.

Safe Hits - Indians Dale Kenyon 2, S. Welgraven 1 - Catches - S. Welgraven 1 - Pitching - M. Gibbs 5 K2 - Tigers - J. James 2, M. Peters 1, H. Shea 1, J. Looyestyn 1, S. Lockhart 1 - Pitcihing - S. Lockhart 5 K2.

The A Grade saw the Indians and Tigers come together again with Indians into bat first.

Indians scored two across thanks to some errors by the Tigers. Willy Gibbs achieved a safe hit to left but was unable to score across the plate.

With Tigers in for their bat, Sam Lockhart was on with a walk and Damien Pietuch with a hit to left field.

Daniel Vines with a line drive to Brandon Gibbs who threw to Dale Kenyon at first for the double play.

Indians scored another four across the plate with hits from Mick and Willy Gibbs.

The Tigers struggled with the bat, and Damien Pietuch was the only one to have a safe hit.

Their pitching saw them get a run across but with four HPB’s the damage was done.

The Tigers continued to play catch up for the rest of the game, but Indians took the win 8-1. 

Safe Hits - Indians - W. Gibbs 2, M. Gibbs 1, Dale Kenyon 1 - Pitching - B. Gibbs 5 K2 - Tigers - Damien Pietuch 1 - Pitching - K. Daniel 2 K2.

Sunday October 29:

9.00am Juniors - R/R Vs Indians - Umpires - Tigers; 10:50am Softball - R/R Vs Spears - Umpires - Indians; 12:30pm Softball - Eagles Vs Indians - Umpires -Spears; 2:10pm Reserves Baseball - R/R Vs Indians - Umpires - Tigers; 3:50pm A Grade Baseball - R/R Vs Indians - Umpires - Tigers.