Mick Purtill’s superb score stands out

Mick Purtill on the road to a perfect score.
Mick Purtill on the road to a perfect score.

Last Saturday the Whyalla Rifle Club met at the 500 yard mound to shoot in quite pleasant conditions.

A gentle south-westerly greeted nine shooters and three visitors at the weekend.

But there was one shooter in particular whose scores stood out above the rest.  

Mick Purtill scored a double possible (perfect score) 100 with eight central bullseyes.

Mick Purtill scored a double possible (perfect score) 100 with eight central bullseyes.

Top A grade individual was won by I Noll scoring 50.8 from M Purtill who closely followed scoring a 50.6

Top F standard individual went to B Gray scoring 56.3 from M Downs scoring 55.1.

Meanwhile in the F class open D Zerbe scored a 58.4. 

The snipers badge was won by N Kairl scoring 20.2 from I Noll who scored a 19.3.

The club would like to welcome three visitors –  P Dakotah, E Powell and M Erskine – who came out and experienced our great sport and what we are about.  

We hope you all enjoyed yourselves and hope to see you out there again soon.

Next week we will be catching up on a 500 and 600 yard shoot that was missed earlier this year due to inclement weather.  

The shoot will commence at 500 yards around 10am this Saturday morning, and will be stopping for a sausage sizzle lunch before finishing the day at 600 yards.

If anyone is interested in trying rifle shooting, feel free to contact Malcolm Flavel on 0439 864 414.

Hope to see you there.

M Purtill 50.2, 50.6, 100.8

I Noll 50.8, 49.7, 99.15

R Cocks 46.3, 49.5, 95.8

M Cocks 45.2, 49.5, 94.7

N Kairl 48.2, 44.3, 92.5

L McKnight 47.1, 45.3, 92.4

B Gray (FS) 49.1, 56.2, 105.3

M Downs (FS) 55.1, (RETIRED), 55.1

D Zerbe (FO)   57.4, 58.4, 115.8

P Dakotah (V)  53.1, 48.1, 101.2

E Powell  (V)    48.1, 53.2, 101.3

M Erskine (V)   44.1, 44.1